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why im proud to say im a stacker

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Okay well this is just something i decided to write about because id like to hopefully read this back one day and think of what short stack did for me.So well i first heard a short stack song when i was on holidays last year haha yer i remember.The funny thing is my life was perfect the no drama at all,i didnt have to worry about anything but living life.But tht doesnt really matter,the firstsong i heard by them was Princess and im not going to lie,i thought it was stuiped and had no meaning.But later on i heard Planets on the radio and all i remember was this is Short Stacks new single,and i though OMG this song is actully pretty amazing.From then on i listened to planets probley everyday,but i finally started listening to we dance to a different disco,honey and i rly in enjoyed it.I thought of myself as a stacker from then on.But lets get through the start and come to how they have helped me...


Okay so my life has been pretty crap since March this year,and theirs many reasons.The main reason is my dad has extreme depression and it killed mylife,at my age u dont want to find out this stuff,you dont want to find out everything that your dad might do to himself,but i have.He went through a stage where it was like he didnt even want me as a child.I would cry everyday with the stuff he use to say to me and thats where short stack helped.See when ever i cryed i locked myself in my room and played short stack,or watched SS TV,and my friends didnt know about any of this,so it came down to Short Stack with helping me through everything.Also i had a friend ,she was one of my bestfriends,who i never thought would do anything to hurt me.But it turned out she did,she had a go at me over twitter.Saying all this stuff about how i had changed,all i could say to her was "live my life and you will find out what im going through".She turned on me by making fun of my dad.Yer my dad,i dont care what he was like to me his my dad and i love him.But then she got her boyfriend to have a go at me and her other twitter friend.Think again when you think someone will never hurt you.


Short Stack made me smile,when no one else could.They made me feel like i wasnt alone when everything was dark.They were their for me when no one else was.I love you short stack <3


Thankyou Short Stack

Brooke xx

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