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This is the story about a girl that didnt have a writing idea, until she fell asleep.

Submitted: November 24, 2006

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Submitted: November 24, 2006



The wordless paper sits in front of me. The pencil blurs as it twirls between my fingers. My thoughts ran blank at the time that I needed them badly. I intend to softly rest my forhead upon the desk. Instead my head throbbed from 'softly resting' a little too hard. However, i don't bother picking up my lazy head.I kept still and closed the eyes that hadnt had sleep in what seemed like days.

a flash of bright reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows appear before my eyes, as they flew toward me. Then these colors turn into faces of strangers. A shaggy haired guy which was in the color red gave me a yellow-toothed smile, followed by lonely mother that look as sleepless as I, with a screaming, crying baby in her arms. She was the color pink. Suddenly the great-grandmother showed up in yellow. She looked the exact same as the only time i saw her, which was in a picture.

All these faces and colors suddenly escaped from me, leaving me in blackness. I tried to open my eyes to see somthing, thinking they might be closed. There was no way to tell a difference. A small flashing light catches my attention. Although there was no way of knowing if this way indeed a real light, or if it had just appear as a result of being in the darkness too long. Either way, i began to follow it. Although i was afraid to put my arms out, not really wanting to feel anything at all that might be surrounding me, i knew that it was safer than walking with out my arms out. My face turned red, and my ears rung loudly from the deep silence.

I began humming to myself, as i walked toward that inch of light. I hummed the tune of 'twinkle twinkle' since that was the only song i could think of. after a while of walking, that light disappeared and i was alone in the darkness. All alone. Tears slowly and uncontrolably fell down my cheeks, and out of my tear ducts.

i saw a flash of brilliant green, and royal blue, then white, white, white. I saw an eye. An eye that was red. It just stared at me, and i stared back, when i realized i wasnt crying anymore.

\"stop\" i hear a whispering voice.

I sat up, realizing i had probably dozed off.

I snatched the pencil up which had landed on the floor beside me. Suddenly my brain over filled with ideas. Not knowing the purpose of the words that appeared scribbled on that blank peice of paper, i couldnt stop my self from writing, as the ideas spilled out. I wrote...and wrote...and wrote.

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