Dream called Vanish

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I had a very strange dream one night. I call it "Vanish." This is a dream, not a story so it is not yet fully developed. It's just from memory. Copyright.

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



Something came over me that I could not control. They seemed like haunting visions. I saw a young African-American woman inside of a small, southern church with a wooden floor. A tall, white man was standing at the altar in all white. He was dressed like one of those southern mayors and wore a white bow tie. He had a rotund stomach. There were people in the pews of the church. The guests were all African-American. They wore white and some of the ladies wore hats and fanned themselves. It was humid but not too uncomfortable. The bride started to walk in from a side door instead of the back of the church. She had been in a room awaiting her cue. She was terribly upset. As she was walking to the groom, she turned towards the crowd and said, "I can't do this." She said that she was sorry and ran from the church quickly. Later, as I was sitting on a bench, she appeared to me again. I was a 21st century woman and she was from the 17th century. She was asking for my help. She wanted out of her life. She wanted my help and I had no idea what she wanted me to do. As I was sitting there, a woman drove up and stopped at the traffic light. I wanted to ask her if she could see the woman on the bench next to me. After the bus came and I had ridden a few blocks, I got off. I was standing at a wire fence and a woman came up to me and said not to ask people if they could see the woman from the church. I didn't know what to think. I was afraid because this woman out of nowhere could read my thoughts. She seemed to be there to help and watch over me but I wouldn't trust her. She wanted to come to my apartment to discuss something with me but I was too afraid for her to come. I was terrified to be seen with her because I thought that she would bring me trouble. I was afraid of whomever was after the young bride. When I got home, my landlady was very understanding. I was frazzled and paranoid. I felt that people were watching me. I had a limp in my right leg and I had no idea why and it brought even more attention to me. I lived on the 2nd floor in one room. I had books and papers scattered everywhere. I'm not sure what my occupation was. I later found out that my mail had been tampered with. I became even more paranoid. My landlady made me tea and encouraged me. After that, I woke up from the dream. I wished that I could have gone back to sleep to resume dreaming. Copyright © Bridget S. Martin

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