Why is the penny stuck in the slot?

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Something I've been working on recently.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011




I've been considering blowing all the money I have not got..

Then running away to a farm with the funny.


I'd like that a lot.


Maybe I could complete a chapter,

That my current life refuses to start.

Keep gambling away things that mean nothing,

So why is the penny stuck in the slot?


There are many things that make no sense to me,

I'm sick of having to talk to all the birds in the trees.

Shaking hands with the branches,

But overlooking the leaves.


I am under no illusion,

My eyes have not been deceived.

I'm simply mislead by all the things I used to believe.


At times I hate the world,

I'm pretty sure it doesn't like me either.

I start off being studious,

Then quickly turn into an under-achiever.


Stay awake all night,

Just so I don't have to see her.

She spits all the time,

But her lines become cheaper.


They fooled me for a while,

I admit I was weaker.

But now they fall on deaf ears,

When she preaches with no speakers.

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