The Last Feather

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Ever wonder where angels came from? How could the human mind make such ideas? The only explanation is that they had to have seen such a creature. Living amongst us for hundreds of years until they simply disappear. Or have they really?

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011




The Blinding Sun


 The damp morning wind ruffled the woman's long black hair. The waves were gently rocking out far into the land, and receding back towards the awaiting ocean. The woman's crisp green eyes examined the horizon where the sun was to rise. Her long, brilliant white v-neck dress swayed with the breeze as she stood in the cold, smooth sand. Gently, she raised a hand to grab her whipping hair in attempt to tame it.

The clear sky was a various shade of colors. From the brightest pinks to the most chilling black. The night was slowly fading away. Losing it's battle to dawn. She did this every morning. Ever sense she was a child she would go and watch the sunrise. 

Her mother never complained, There wasn't one to complain. She had lost her mother the second she was born. Those that did know her mother blamed her for her death.


tTis was part of the first chapter. Please tell me if i should continue. Thanks for reading!

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