the girl who cried out

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Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



The girl who cried out wasn’t heard. The girl who sat there was abused. The girl who waited for her mum was alone. The girl who didn’t have a dad was bullied. The girl who was self harming herself got called an emo. The girl who hunted for her food was found dead. The girl without friends had no life.

Where was everyone when this happened? Didn’t they hear all them girls cry out? Were they invisible? I bet they felt it. If those girls were heard they could have been saved! They could have been helped! They could have had friends and families if only people heard them call out. Did they not see this happening to those girls? Did they not think of trying to help save those poor young girls lives?

Imagine that was you and you got abused or you didn’t have any friends or family; imagine how scared and upset you would feel. Well that is what all those young girls felt because no one had time to listen to them, to help them survive. They had to fight on their own some of them were only 13 and had to look after other kids who were younger.

People need to realise there is young people out there calling for help and if they don’t get it them young people will die or get abused and bullied and have no one to go to. So you should be lucky to have a family and have a mum and dad and not have to hunt for your food and not have to live on the streets and get abused every night.

You may have a life and a mum and dad and everything else you wanted but you don’t realise the important things in life the things girls (kids) living on the street would notice. We should pay attention to the little things in life because they turn out to be the most important things. Young people on the streets would give there whole life just to spend a day with a family and have proper food and wear nice clean clothes and be able to have a wash and be able to lay in a bed what aunt wet and cold and broken, they would love to spend one day being loved by a family and being able to play with friends.

So the whole point of this is respect the important things in life don’t just be selfish. Remember there are kids out there who would die just to be you for a day. Also remember to help those kids out on the streets to get a home with a nice family and have nice clean clothes and nice friends and be able to be loved

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