the happy things in life

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tells you about teenagers feelings and what they have to make in life

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012




The happy movements in life.  You had your best friend, your family you had everything you wanted. Then one day a terrible storm came and next minute you know your life has messed up. You tend to wonder why this storm appeared. Was it for the good? Or was it trying to mess up your life? Did it save you from a terrible mistake? Or did it stop you from being happy? Who know its just one thing in life you can never get the answer to no matter how hard you try it’s just impossible.

Your family starts to moan at you and shout and tell you they are moving you school. But when you tell people they just say that happens to all teenagers but as i asked my friends they all say nope their mum doesn’t shout at them or ground them. I sometimes think to myself what if i ran away? What would happen? Would my family cry? I doubt it every much.

As you go though life you come across lot of people who touch your heart and most of them people are your best friends as you go though life you realise not all your friends will be there for you anymore you tend to grow apparently and lose contact with them but its only some times you find that special friend who stay s with you your whole life. When your a kid you had loads of friends but when you become a teenager you tend to start realising witch ones are the important ones and which ones are the ones you can ditch but sometimes the one you think will always been in your life seem to disappear and act like your not there anymore this is because you have grown apparent sometimes ‘best friends ‘ last forever (if your lucky) but some don’t and if your in a situation where your best friend is acting like your invisible well there is one thing you should do is get there attention and tell them your feelings and maybe this would get your best friend back but i doubt it will work.

when a teenager goes though a hard time in life they tend to tell their best frineds whats wrong instead of there mums ands.dads  but if the teenager dont have any friends that cares thenn. a person should be a friend in need instead pf a lazy friend who does nothing to help out a friend. if a person dont have anyone to cry on thtey start to hide their feelings and start to self harm themself and if they dont get the help they need they could end up dead!!

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