sorry we hurt..

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My husband and I have been living under some hard times that makes us argue and say things that neither of us mean except that in the end of it all that we need and love eachother more then anything in life I wrote this to him while he was at work so hed know i love him and i was sorry..

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



lately we seems to fight all the time and i tell you to leave..

That's really not what I want..

I want you to love me and hold me tight, tell me baby things will be all right .

At night i sit here all alone just waiting till morning till you are home..

Then your here and all I want is you to hold me so close to your heart..

Some times i feel we are falling apart but inside i know you have my heart .

I'm scared to death to loose you now knowing ill never find anyone like you around..

My hearts so broken with the stuff that we have to go through and say but it would hurt so much more if you where not around and you didn't stay..

I love you baby with all my heart please don't run don't let us fall apart..

You mean more to me then anything in the world its just so hard when your not around ...

I'm trying so hard to do it all alone ..

I feel like I'm drowning when your not at home ..

No one gets me no one understands..

I want you to know you are my man..

I just need you here to hold my hand ..

I wrote this just now all by my self my fellings just flowed just like my tears ..

I'm sorry i hurt you when I'm hurt you do the same to me and i don't know why but i know your my star so bright in the sky...

My loving husband my one and only guy ..

It's corny I'm sure but i love you the same thank god I'm yours and carry your name love me Mrs G...

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