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This is a write- up and facts about the life lessons that I have learned throughout my journey...

Submitted: February 02, 2019

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Submitted: February 02, 2019



First priority:

Have confidence!

Nothing is worse than not having confidence and having low self-esteem. What you have to do first is believe in yourself, tell yourself that you can do it! Some people are naturally confident well as others tend to build it up through the years.


Be happy for no reason!

If you’re waiting to be happy about something then you will wait forever! Why don’t you just be happy for no reason at all? There are lots of things to be happy about. First be happy that you are alive and healthy. What else do you need anyway? It doesn’t take that much of an effort.


Don’t trust too much

This is one of my main points and it is very important to me. We can’t trust everyone only a few like if you have a family that’s trustworthy or a few close friends. We should all know by now that we shouldn’t trust strangers. And always trust yourself first in order to trust other people.


Always forgive

Keeping hatred and anger in our hearts is a headache so at the start when someone betrays you off course you can’t forgive them that easily. But when time passes you wouldn’t want to hold onto that poison in your heart so we must try to forgive at some stage. Even if the person in front of you isn’t sorry forgive again because maybe they have done something wrong but to let go and be free we must forgive and don’t do it for them do it for the sake of YOURSELF to be happy and in peace again.


But know your limits!

Yes off course we will forgive but don’t ever be stupid enough to trust again forgive but never forget!


Don’t go after revenge

Silly enough to even attempt to do it seriously you will only be the one who will be in harm. I have a quote saying: ‘revenge will only make you look like the guilty one’ and its true let god punish them his punishment is worse than what a human can do.


Let go & release

Let go of anything that causes you harm and hurt don’t hold onto anything that keeps hurting you learn to release and relax maybe it’s just not meant to be, what’s meant for you will come and always will stay it will never leave you but if someone wants to go let them go maybe they have a different pathway that they want to go, learn to accept that they are not worth your time.


Love yourself + self-worth

Love this one. This is something that everyone should do. Let’s love ourselves first in order to love other people. Did you know that a bully bullies other people because they have no self-worth for themselves, their only problem is with themselves but if we learn to accept all of our insecurities no one can bully us and we will all love one another.


But don’t be selfish

Yes absolutely true. Don’t ever love yourself too much enough to make you a selfish person, this is wrong this is not a good quality about someone. If we are selfish then no one will help one another remember sharing is caring.


Take opportunities, chances and risks

Go ahead and do what you want to do. If it’s a passion then you must do it keeping it inside is no good who can stop you? Take that first risk it might be a great opportunity, a chance to make a dream come true who knows. And remember don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!


Always have a go

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you have a go? You will learn if what you want to achieve is good enough or not. What’s worst if you don’t? Then you will never know. Always have a go no matter what happens or what people say.


Go after your dream

Some people have dreams some people don’t. But if you have a dream go ahead and accomplish it! What are you waiting for? Remember the more you work hard the more you will succeed at the end.


Find your purpose in life

Now I’m talking about getting to know who you are and what you should do to find your purpose in life. And to do this you can try and be open about different challenges in your career you will never know until you try. And once you find your purpose in life hold onto it and never let it go because when you find it you will know that this is you and it will feel right in your gut and you will know that it’s true.


Be good/help the poor

If you are good you will succeed anyway but if you are bad then you should know that you will be a loser at the end because its karma what goes around comes back around, this is the same with being good, good things always happens to the good, but the bad is bad you can’t deny it bad things will surely come back to them. Please help the poor they need this more than anything, can you eat and see someone else in front of you starving to death? No so good people will definitely help the poor and the more you do it the better.


Look after your kids

My father never took care of me so I am just very tough on this idea if a mother and father isn’t doing their responsibility on looking after their kids. Please look after them it’s a sin if you don’t, or better yet don’t have kids!


True love/Loyal friends

These 2 things are 2 of the hardest things to find in life sometimes it will take allot of time but once you find them never let go of them. And believe in true love and loyal friends they are out there maybe even waiting to find you aswell.


Lucky last-Never give up!

The last thing that you would want to do is commit suicide for not being strong enough in dealing with your issues but please never give up! It’s a chance to restart and rebuild something new, when endings occur new beginnings start to happen so trust and believe in the process you are strong enough.

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