That's Why They Call It Drama Club Ep. 5-8

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5-8 of That's Why They Call It 'Drama Club', Whispering, Sex Ed, My Fair Baby, and V is for Virginity. Some musicals and songs are My Fair Lady, The Song of Purple Summer, Don't Do Sadness, and my own mash-up of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Teenage Dream.
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Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



Episode Five (Whispering): Charity Cross, known around school as the stereotypical dumb blonde cheerleader, finds Precious throwing up in the bathroom. Charity thinks that Precious is anorexic, and hosts an intervention with the help of Mr. Quandt, River, and the other cheerleaders, Alexandra Valdez and Brooklyn Salazar, and tell her she is too good to be throwing up. But Precious tells them she isn’t anorexic, she actually is pregnant by Kael. She then runs out in tears.
When rehearsing Whispering, Pamela asks her why she has her hands on her stomach like that. Precious says she is just trying to get into character, but then suddenly runs off and vomits. Meanwhile, River organizes a cheerleading routine for the half time show that Kael says is “too sexual” for the event. When fighting River blurts out: “Well you knocked up Precious!” She then regrets it and runs away.
Kael corners Precious when she is looking for Pamela after school and asks her if she is pregnant. Precious says yes. Kael suggests she gets an abortion, but Precious slaps him, saying it’s her body, not his, and leaves. Precious finds Xiomara in the auditorium instead of Pamela, singing an embarrassing version of “Oops!...I Did It Again!” by Britney Spears. Precious tells Xiomara what’s going on and asks if abortion is a good choice. Xiomara says she finds it inhumane, since her Bohemian mother nearly aborted her. Precious says she thinks she wants to go through with the pregnancy but then breaks down, admitting her future may be destroyed by teen motherhood. She and Xiomara then cry together and Xiomara sings an impromptu rendition of Reba McEntire’s “Gonna Be”.
Musical Numbers:
Whispering from Spring Awakening
Oops I Did It Again! by Britney Spears
Gonna Be by Reba McEntire

Episode Six (Sex Ed) Principal Gerald Hubbard asks Paolo and London to teach a sex education class. The same week, Breezy tells Paolo she got a job as Principal Hubbard’s secretary. She is soon known as “The Sexy Secretary”. Breezy sings “Touch Me” for him and Alexus finds Paolo and Breezy having sex under his desk. She calls him a hypocrite, since he tells kids not to have sex but he has sex himself. Breezy asks Tallulah for advice, to which she responds: “Babe, Latinas like myself are sex goddesses, but we don’t flaunt it in our workplaces, unless we want to get our bosses fired.” Breezy decides to accept her identity by buying a coffee mug that reads: “The Sexy Secretary”. She and Paolo agree to keep their private lives private.
On opening night of the show, Precious drops out of the production, fearing she will disappoint the other members, since a critic will be there. Brooklyn, admitting to having a so-so voice, takes Aracely’s part so Aracely can play Wendla in Precious’s absence. Brooklyn forgets the lyrics in the middle of Don’t Do Sadness” and so Precious, who had been watching, sings the rest of the song with Brooklyn, earning a standing ovation. The drama club ends up in the paper and Precious confides to Xiomara she will be faithful to the drama club forever, “no matter how fat she gets”.
Musical Numbers:
Touch Me
Don’t Do Sadness
The Song of Purple Summer

Episode Seven (My Fair Baby): When he finds out My Fair Lady is Carmit’s favorite play, London asks the drama club to perform it for their 1st wedding anniversary. Pamela gives Xiomara the role of Eliza, but London asks her to give it to Zuri when he finds Carmit and her get along great. Xiomara is hurt and Zuri feels bad, but Zuri says they should “suck it up to make Mr. Quandt happy”.
River, Alexandra and Precious try to hide Precious’s growing bump from Giselle, but Precious doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to hide. Kael begs Precious to “get rid of it” which offends Precious very much, once again stating that it is her body. Kael admits to Coach Mattice, who heard about the pregnancy from Lanying, that he is really just nervous Precious’s pregnancy could ruin his future. Carl says that maybe he should considering pursuing a musical career. After hearing Genesis sing a song performed by Eliza, he asks Zuri to give up her role. With no hesitation, Zuri tells Pamela and London she doesn’t want the role of Eliza. On opening night, London brings Carmit and Genesis takes the stage as the female lead. Carmit tells London it was the best gift she ever received.

Episode Eight ( V is for Virginity): River decides she wants to lose her virginity since she feels her parents are pressuring her to have celibacy for her whole life. River gets 3 offers: one from Demarion, one from Cristofer, and one from Kael. Charity, Alexandra, and Brooklyn decide to follow her lead, all determined to find people to lose their virginities too. River agrees to meet Kael at a motel, but he does not show up because he has chosen Alexandra instead. This cause River to sing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” in anger. She goes to Demarion’s house but doesn’t tell him he is her second choice. Brooklyn picks the newest drama club member, cutie Todd Peyton while Charity decides to sleep with a dejected Cristofer. The same night, London and Carmit as well as Lanying and Carl makes plans to have sex. Lanying, a virgin, cannot do it and Carl runs to the school. He sees Tallulah there and she agrees to satisfy his sexual desires.
All couples (Alexandra and Kael, River and Demarion, Brooklyn and Todd, Charity and Cristofer, Carmit and London, and Tallulah and Carl) perform “Underneath Your Clothes” by Shakira. Afterwards Alexandra and Kael perform “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana at the same time River and Demarion perform Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, resulting in a mash-up of the two songs.
At school, River decides to convince the other drama club members to perform a racy song at the pep rally. She asks Pamela to perform Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” and Pamela says no. But they perform it anyway. When Charity, Alexandra, and Brooklyn see this, they rip off their tops in support of Cristofer, Kael, and Todd so that Pamela will be more mad at them than she is at the club. Pamela tells them that they are all too young for sex. The episode ends in sex education when Paolo asks all of the students to talk about their sexual mistakes and River steps up and agrees to go first.
Musical Numbers:
“Rolling In The Deep” by Adele
“Underneath Your Clothes” by Shakira
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry
“Take It Off” by Ke$ha

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