That's Why They Call It Drama Club Episodes 1-4

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Episode 1-4 of That's Why They Call It Drama Club, Pilot, The Audition, Hot Woman, and Shue Awakening. Some songs and musicals include Spring Awakening, A Little Fall of Rain, Les Miserables, Collide, and more.

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



That’s Why They Call It “Drama Club”
Season One:
Episode One (Pilot): English teacher, Pamela Butler, decides to revive Jefferson High School’s drama club, by putting on a fabulous production of Les Misérables. Free spirited Xiomara Bennet, who is made fun of around school for being a so-called hippie, auditions for the role of Cosette, but it is her best friend, Victory Kelly, wins the role instead, with Xiomara playing Éponine. With the encouragement of Aracely Jenkins, who is playing Fantine, Xiomara plans to shine in her role. Xiomara belts out a mournful performance of “A Little Fall of Rain” and Pamela apologizes for ignoring her talent. Xiomara accepts becoming president of the drama club and Victory says she’s sorry she took Xiomara’s role, but Xiomara says she’s glad she was Éponine instead.
Featured Music:
“I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables
“A Heart Full of Love” from Les Misérables
“One Day More” from Les Misérables
“On My Own” from Les Misérables
“A Little Fall of Rain” from Les Misérables

Episode Two (The Audition): Xiomara, Victory, and Aracely try to help Pamela find more drama club members, after many of the shows actors leaving because they were being made fun of. YousefDiaz, a Goth with rock star dreams, Alexus Hayes, a goody-two shoes teacher’s pet,Demarion Ford, a corny pickup line “ladies man”, Zuri Hamilton, a doe eyed sweetheart with a surprising love of emotional punk rock, and Cristofer Sullivan, aself-deemed computer geek, all wow with their surprisingly strong voices, but Pamela needs 15 club members, or else it isn’t an official school club, eligible to compete in The District-Wide Drama Competition. Now they have 8.
The quarterback on the football team, Kael Wallace, and head cheerleader, River Woods, audition as a joke, but Pamela is stunned by their musical talent. She begs them to join, and they say no way. But when they slip into the auditorium at the end of the day to watch and are shocked that Precious West is auditioning, who is River’s best friend and Kael’s girlfriend. They agree to perform if they are allowed to miss meetings for football games or cheer practice, Pamela agrees.

Episode Three (Hot Woman): Gym teacher Carl Mattice asks Pamela for advice about his relationship with his girlfriend, Lanying Mak, and decides to propose to her. Some male teachers, woodshop teacher Paolo Ferrari and the guidance counselor, London Quandt, take him to a strip club to “celebrate his life as a single male” and buy him a few minutes alone with a hot stripper. Paolo and London wake up with some pretty, naked strippers, Paolo with an alcoholic named Breezy Marshall and London with the sexy Tallulah Lococo. Paolo tells Breezy she is too good for the current life she is living and that they could have a future if she straightens herself out, while London says he regrets his infidelity and apologizes to his wife, Carmit. Carl falls in love with his stripper and realizes he never found out her name. Cheerleading coachMarilee Shue has a meeting with Precious’s stepmother, Giselle, and Carl finds out that Giselle is the stripper he met. When Paolo lets it slip to Lanying that Carl went to a strip club, she breaks off their engagement. Giselle tries to make Carl fall in love with her, but he tells her he just can’t be with her. With the drama club’s help, he serenades Lanying during the football game half-time show and Lanying excepts his apology.
Featured Music:
Collide by Howie Day (Carl and the drama club serenading Lanying)
I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred (sung by the strippers at the club)
Episode Four (Shue Awakening): The drama club welcomes Genesis, a gifted actress and lover of Shakespeare, to their club. They now have 12 members. Genesis suggests a performance of Spring Awakening. Precious is Wendla, Kael is Melchior, Aracely is Ilse, Demarion is Mortiz and Victory is Martha. During rehearsal, the drama club finds out that Marilee Shue is Genesis’s mother. Marilee refuses to let Genesis perform in a play like Spring Awakening. Genesis performs a rendition of “Momma Who Bore Me” before she leaves the club, but Marilee hears her song and agrees to let her do the musical, even though Genesis refuses to be a cheerleader.
Featured Music:
Momma Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening
Momma Who Bore Me (Reprise) (performed by the club, Marilee even sings a few bars)

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