I am not your Doll

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Okay, so lately I've been feeling like I'm being manipulated and always being told what to do. I took these feelings and made it into a poem. I think everyone's faced manipulation or have been forced to act like someone else sometime in your life, and this poem kind of reflects on those feelings. The part where the doll remained motionless while the girl was doing this to her portrays how sometimes even though we do not want to be subjected to something we do not have the courage to speak up. In a sense this poem can also refer to peer pressure. Anyways, I hope you will find that you can relate to this poem and will hopefully find hope and the courage to defy peer-pressure.

Submitted: January 12, 2010

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Submitted: January 12, 2010



All the pretty dolls lined up on the floor,
the sound of clashing heels and the creaking of a door.

In walks the mistress who opens her mouth to say,
"What doll shall it be, who shall I play with today?"

The girl inspects all the dolls numbers one through twenty,
and chooses the one with rings aplenty.

"First, I'll tie your hair with a big, fluffy bow,
then polish you with wax to give you a glow."

"Then I'll dress you in a tutu, with lacy, little shoes,
sneakers don't suit you, I'm sorry but it's true."

"Your hair is too long, I'll have to give it a trim,
and your eyes are too glassy, a little too dim."

The doll remains motionless as the girl cuts her hair,
and paints her eyes to darken her stare.

"There, now you're perfect, you are my favourite doll-"
the girl is interrupted by a calling in the hall.

The sound of clashing heels and the creaking of a door,
all the pretty dolls lined up on the floor.

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