33 Degrees

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Morgan just didn't know what else to do...

((Hey kids, this is kinda sad, fairly violent, and explicit in words. Just to let ya'll know.))

Submitted: September 12, 2008

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Submitted: September 12, 2008



Morgan stood on the cliff, looking down with watery eyes. Her old battered hoodie and ripped shorts offered no help in the 33 degree weather. She hugged herself, letting the damp warmth from her tears heat her fece in two small streaks. She had come to this place in the middle of the night before, it had to atleast be mid-day now. She stared down to the river, 10 miles below her, remembering all too well why she came.

She was laying in the fetal position on her bed, listening, once again, to her parents' fighting in the kitchen. Jillian, her mother, was screaming to James, her father, telling him what he had heard from the office wasn't true. "JAMES! Please! For Morgan's sake please listen to me! James! It's not true! I didn't do anything with Markus! I swear!" "Jillian! You lying wench of a wife! How dare you! Bitch!" A loud smack, then a crash of Jillian hitting the floor, she began to cry out in pain, "James, James, please James please. Morgan can here you..." "Do you think I care about that little bitch? She isn't even my daughter you WHORE!!" "But, James, she is your daughter, she has your eyes hunny..." "Stay on the floor bitch!" Another smack, another cry. Then the sound of a blade being pulled from a holster was heard. Morgan knew it was her father pulling the largest knife they had out of the case from the kitchen cabinet. Jillian screamed in fear, "Please! James PLEASE!!" The next thing Morgan heard was her father slamming his fist on the locked door to her bedroom. She jumped out of her bed and ran to the window, opening it with very little difficulty. She climbed over the sill as she saw the door bow and her father stumble in through the splintered wood. She hurried and jumped down from the window. The fall wasn't far, just three feet, so she landed with ease and ran as fast as she could to the curb and rushed herself down the street, away from her father's screams.

And now she was here, on the cliff, watching her breath in front of her. She let her last tears fall, her bottom lip quivered as she walked closer to the edge. She kicked a rock, and it fell, making a small splash into the river below. She closed her eyes, and whispered one last time, "Goodbye."

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