Seldom Colder

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This poem is a reflection of self, a short stroll around the head of a depressive.

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



The world has seldom been as cold as it is now
A Winter so long that I forget how green the trees once were.
I remember once so very long ago when all the world was a symphony
Reduced to this.
A seemingly endless cacophony.
Sometimes a memory, so vivid I can almost taste it
of the warm Summer sun on our faces and smiling with closed eyes.
Smoking cigarettes, talking about music and the vast expanse within our reach.
The stars seemed to whisper my name back then while the air held me in a warm embrace.
Natures daughter.
Part of everything and nothing all at once.
Now it's cold and my breath fogs the hourglass that keeps me.
The sand slipping beneath my feet a second at a time.
I watch the world outside and wonder at my creation,
the glass that holds me in the cold was supposed to protect me.
A place to keep the devils from my door.
How was I to know that I brought the evils and locked them in with me?
Trapped inside my own invention.

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