My life :getting arrested

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i'm going to start telling you of my experinces and tell you my storys this particular one is my experience of getting arrested .

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



Well let me start off telling you my name is Courtney  . And this is my life and my experience of getting arrested .

I guess you can call me a trouble maker , The feeling of the adrinaline when i do something is what i love about being the trouble and i sorta like the image it gives me also . Shure parents and teachers will brain wash you into thinking that you dont want that image and it will follow you the rest of your life but personally thats not at all what i belive .  When i got arressted i will amdmit i was scared , the thought of getting locked up in strickland youth center scared the shit out of me . But at the time i had never really thought about going there because i belived i would never get caught . It was just a regular day at my friend lauras house . we were bored and restless> so we called up our friends Gabby and Tina of witch one wwas 17 and one was 20 . Well we decided we would go to sears and have us a little stealing spree . Now your probably thinking what is so fun about stealing  ? well the fact that it was a sunny day we were all together and we had the music in the car blaring . Well we went in and we immidiatley started shoving things in our purses . Tank tops, Bras,underwear, booty shorts in witch we could inpress guys when we went to partys . when we all were done and had our purses so full we could barely zip them up is when Tina and Gabby handed us their purses and said meet us out in the car in 2 minutes . Well i asked why and they said that it wouldnt look good if we all went out at the same time and didnt pay for anything . well the logic of it i understood so we waited 2 minutes when gabby and tina called me and laura and said come on . me and laura was on our way walkin out , we were half way out the door . when i strange tall guy grabbed both of our arms and dragged us back to the office in where he opended our purses and exposed all the stolen stuff. At that time the cops came and put handcuffs on us when Gabby called my phone . the cop answered it and said you have 10 minutes to get back here with all the stolen stuff . we waited ten minutes and she never came . they ditched us of course . as we were walking out of sears with handcuffs on and the cops leading us out , people were staring at us . one lady gave me a look that i didnt like , i Called out to her and said "hey lady wtf are you looking at "? and she just continued shopping . When we were down town they stripped us and made us take everything metal off . Well i was sol , i have many piricings , i took out all of them in where she put in a envolope and put my name on it . They ended up giving us 3 months probabtion with 3rd degree theft . my mom picked me up she was crying . I just stared out the window on the drive home . even though i wasent in jail....i am still a prisinor .

thats my life : Getting arrested

-Courtney Mosley

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