The Dark Mountains: Prologue

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Prologue to "The Dark Mountains" novel.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




The Dark Mountains

The Prologue



Hurry up!! I’m ready to explore”. A black fox kit was jumping up and down waiting for her mother to let her go out.”Zilla, go ahead without me, but don’t go too far away!”The red vixen barked. Yes!!, Zilla ran outside and started sliding down the mountainside. Leaf-bare is so cold, I can’t wait for it to be over. She looked around to search for any danger but nothing was about, she ran forward and tripped over something.”Oof that hurt”. Zilla looked down and saw she had tripped over a white vixen and also saw she had blood on her shoulder.”Oh no, I need to get my mother. Uh, you stay here.”As she started to turn the vixen replied “Got any other bright ideas”. She giggled but stopped short when she a growl behind her and saw on the cliff she just jumped off, Pandora, her aunt. She heard Pandora growl and then heard another as she saw her mother jump on the cliff next to Pandora’s.

“What are you doing here Pandora?”

“I’m here to get revenge of course, dear Chryssa. Ever since the day you stole Cadoc from me, every day I have watched you mooning over him and then flaunting your kit around. It felt like being cut open every single day and bleeding onto the stones, and now you shall feel the same pain when your kit is at your paws dead”

With that Pandora took off in Zilla’s direction with hatred in her eyes, but her mother was faster. But as soon as her mother caught up to her, Pandora wrapped her foreleg around her sister’s body and the battle commenced. Before Pandora could get a better grip on her mother she pinned her down.”Zilla run back to the den and take that other fox with you” she yelped as her foreleg was bitten by Pandora, she could see green stuff coming from her jaws. She helps the still mysterious vixen to her feet, who whined with the effort.” Come on, we have to hurry” she whispered into the vixen’s ear. She took them at the fastest pace the vixen could and got back to the den, she then heard a yelp cut short in the distance…..

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The Dark Mountains: Prologue

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