My Blade Slid Across The Ice........

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This is my first story about my college adventure.

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



My blades slid across the ice more faster than I have ever seen in my life that I didn’t know how to stop it. I couldn’t tell my parents because I am in collage. Oh! I have an idea. I decided to call them instead but I couldn’t because my phone was in my room. I had no choice but to ask someone to help me or I will be here all day long and won’t be able to finish my work. All in a sudden I saw a police  and he saw me he came running towards me and helped. I couldn’t believe my eyes I was so far away from Duke. I asked the police if he could take me there and he said ok and he took me.

I was lucky he was there to help me or I would have been on the road all day long witch would have not been good and I wouldn’t have been able to go to school at all till someone helps me. Thank God the police came and saved me. I just got surprised when I got in my room my teacher was in there for no reason at all. When she   saw me she asked me where is my homework? I said I didn’t do it. She was not happy at all. She asked do it in this instant. I said I was exhausted but she didn’t care. All she did was make me do my homework. I didn’t like that at all. It made me surprised and I called my parents and said I didn’t like collage at all .I got so angry that I cried right in front of my  teacher. Then she apologized to me and I said it is okay. When I was done with my homework I took a  rest. When I slept for a while my friend called me and said the power went off but it just came on again. Right when it came on we had a fire drill so I took my phone and took my keys ran out the room locked the door and went outside. I was in a hurry that I left my keys on the door of my room but luckily I saw it on my door when I came in the building .I opened the door and got in the room. I just went into bed right away once I got in my room and put on my pajamas. The next morning I woke up and saw the time it was 10:00 a.m. I got so anxious that I didn’t take a good bath I was too late for school. When I got to class I realized that we had a fieldtrip. The whole class was gone and my friend called and said the bus was late and we are in the front of the school. I was surprised. I ran out and went to the front of the school. The class was on the bus .I knocked on the bus door and the door opened. I wasn’t late at all. I just thought of sleeping on the bus. When I saw my friend there was an empty seat near her so I just sat near her and she woke me when we were at Old Salem. There were gifts for me to buy but I just got candy. I explored all the stuff that had happened a long time ago. It was so cool. My favorite part was seeing the place where the president explored. Just then my teacher had called me. She said it was time to go back to school so when we went I had some candy left that I bought. I ate it all on the bus. When we got to school I went to my room and I got a water bottle witch was full of water. I drank all the water in 2 minutes because I didn’t have water at all at the field trip.  I was so thirsty so I drank 1 full bottle of water. After that I washed my hands and legs. Then I put on my pajamas and went to bed after doing some work that I had to finish from school. It was a story about what I learned at Old Salem about the long time ago world witch of course was before we were born so the people who were here a long time ago are dead now. I feel bad for them. I wish everyone in the world can live forever. It is so sad to know that the people from a long time ago are dead since a long time ago. I can’t even forget about it. I don’t like to hear that. The next morning I completely forgot about the field trip because I was so tired to go to school. But I had no choice. I have to go to school witch is not fun because we have a lot of homework and wont be able to because I will be so exhausted. When I got to the class it was only 8:00 a.m. I was too early to be at class but anyways I wasn’t tardy for class. When the kids came in they asked me why are you here early? I said I woke to early and thought it was 10:00 so I rushed. I didn’t check the time strait. Good morning class Mrs. Rael said “please bring your homework now to me and I will grade it”.  Um… I thought about my work oh no I didn’t do it. I rushed on it. Finally I finished I gave it and got a 2 on it. That wasn’t good at all who would like a 2 or a 1 it wont be fun at all. I got so anxious. Mrs. Rael  called me to come to her and asked did you rush on your homework? I said sorry because I did rush which isn’t good.  No one will like me not even my friends.

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