The Lion

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The Lion. Read and find out.

Submitted: October 08, 2014

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Submitted: October 08, 2014



My heart pounds as he comes closer. This strong majestic beast that could take my life with one swipe of the paw is just inches away. It would be rational to be afraid but instead I feel drawn to him -- I WANT him to come closer. I see curiosity and knowledge in his eyes. He is aware of his brute strength and his ability to overcome me but a sort of docility sets over him. He is just curious as to who I am. There is not one trace of violent intent in his eyes. His muscles move lithely under his sleek sinewy skin as he comes even closer. By now, I can feel his hot breath fogging around me setting off a train of goosebumps all over my bare exposed skin. I now understand why these animals are called “Kings of the jungle”. He carries himself with such regality and composure. He analyzes me with kind wise eyes. He sniffs some more, still pensive of me. A thousand thoughts crossed through his open innocent eyes. Am I a threat? Will I disturb his family? Or could I be harmless? We stare at eachother for what could have been forever. He looks me straight in the eyes without backing down,  reading to the very essence of my soul -- sorting through my every success and failure.  Finally, he huffs and steps forward. We are now nose to nose. Positive in his decision, he licks my forehead therefore symbolizing that I have been accepted into his pride. We, as humans, could learn something from this powerful organism. He treated me with mercy, justice, and kindness. His only intent being to protect his “kingdom”. It is a prominent goal of mine to be more like this beautiful, majestic, proud animal known as the LION.

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