Demension 22 book 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

This story begins with a young god who has his world flipped upside down after an incident at his home realm.

Table of Contents

How it all began

The New and Improved Chapter one of Book One: Demension 22. Read Chapter

The Picnic

Chapter 3, Contains some 16+ content(so deal with it)@_@ Read Chapter

Giga Town

Chapter 4, this is where the story really starts to take place. Read Chapter

The War Against Jakob(W.A.J)

Chapter 5. This chapter contains a lot of fighting. Sorry if it's too fast. Read Chapter

Top Five, or is it Seven?

Chapter 6. Here I introduce even more main characters in the best way possible.
This is also the last chapter of book 1. Leave comments if you want more. If you do I'll post the freshly finished chapter 1 of book 2: Dungeon 24. L8TR Read Chapter