The Reaper's Philosophies

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I don't know if these are actually considered philosophies but I'm calling them that for now and will gladly post whatever "philosophies" you want me to just leave me a comment asking me to and it shall be done. Thank you and please enjoy, sorry if it gets a bit dark and/or depressing at times.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



"Birds were given wings in order to fly, we humans were given false wisdom to kill eachother off"-Scarlet Reaper


"We wage wars not in the order of peace but under the orders of greed and envy"-Scarlet Reaper


"For there are but a handful of those who find greatness not because they know their strong but becuase they know what it is to be weak" -Adapted from Attack on Titan


"We are a small group but we are also the most unseen. We are the ones who grow strong to protect all those around us, the ones who secretly inspire those around us, the sholder everyone cries on and the rock that's always there; We are the unseen, the gardian angels of every one who needs us, yet we feel alone and forgetten forced to hide away our pain for the cost of everyone's happiness. We are the Invisible People."-Scarlet Reaper


"For there is no force greater or stronger than True Love. Love is Love and it can't be stopped from happening because even after death, you are still in Love" -Scarlet Reaper

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