The Tainted Angel

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Here's what the life of the fourth god of sin, Jackiller, in his beginning years.

Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



Until the dawn was I all alone in the most disturbing situation that there could ever be. Picture yourself all alone in the dark knowing that something is there watching you or actually sensing you due to the fact that it is the being of a once dead body given the ability to move again as a result of some sort of science experiment done in a top secret lab under ground. I was supposed to be one of those undead mindless corpses but here I am “perfectly” fine with the fact that I was once dead, only for a few hours as my mutilated body was carried and transported here. The day I died was a Wednesday. On my way home I ended up passing an old abandoned house that usually would’ve made someone go aquiver with the idea of entering it. Not me however, I loved the thought of using the place as a hang out. My girlfriend had invited me to meet her there on the second floor that day after school. Sadly, though, when I got there I walk up the stairs and enter the room she specified and as I closed the door there it was… Splish as the blood hits the floor. There was a sword coming out from my back as I slowly take in what exactly was happening. Emily had killed me with the heirloom of her family sword and with the next strike she apologizes saying “ I’m sorry but I have to kill you before we can truly fall in love”.

It was the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever heard. At that very moment I knew that she was my soul mate. For now on I would be with and love her no matter what. And before I went into the darkness I manage to get out “ I love you”.

Now you people are probably thinking that the fact I’m in control of myself and am alive again that it was a blessing from God...But No! I hate God. Now let me explain.

My name is Jackiller Beats and I am one of the six gods of sin. I am the god of the sins of Love, War, Freedom, Crimsin, and Sorrow. Along the line many years ago God and I had a huge conflict because God kidnapped one of my soulmates, Vivi Sorrowglo, so after I won we swore our hatred of one another. Being a god of anything means that  you can never truly die so the darkness I went into was just me going unconscious for a while. Why did Emily put a sword through my back because she is one of my soulmates and to make sure that I was Jackiller Beats she had to do something that would’ve killed anyone else that was human. What am I exactly… Well I’m a Dream, Monster, Demon, and a Nightmare. So in other words I am everything but human and to be honest humans are the true monsters that are greedy, selfish, bloodthirsty, and cruel to themselves and others tearing eachother apart, Opps got a little off track there. Now it’s time to get back to the story.

I woke up in the lab room on thursday and found out that I was being used as a shield, a freaking SHIELD!!!!, against the zombie test subject. When they noticed that I began to move they flipped out completely and full on panicked throwing me on the ground in the process. Once I got back up they tried hitting me in the head with a test tube and missed by a foot and a half when I moved towards them to ask them what in the gates of hell was going on. After I finally got out “What the hell” they sort of calmed down and gave me enough time to explain what happened.  I was alone after helping them escape and it was a wait until dawn. The most disturbing thing about this situation was how the zombie was purposely avoiding me, as if it were afraid of me! Man I swear that the magical creatures of this world are just a** backwards. Seriously why would an undead person who wants to eat the living members of it’s kind be afraid of something like me? It’s not like I can cause it pain or anything. Besides that I don’t know which is more afraid of me; the human scientists or the undead lab rats that walk around me now. Speaking of these undead science experiments I think that a few of the scientists got bit when I was trying to help them escape before. If they get to the surface and go to seek medical attention at the Hospital a few blocks away from here then there’s going to be a widespread epidemic really soon.

I heard a beeping sound behind me and turned to find a laptop screen lit up and flashing. I walked towards the laptop and read the message that caused it to beep. This is what the message read;


We have sent this message to inform you that your co-operation to the research of the necroa virus has been greatly appreciated. We’d like to personally thank you for reporting the success of the reanimation serum and have henceforth decided to distribute the serum on an international level. The countries that we have chosen to supply the serum to first are listed below.

United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, and China have been chosen for widespread air Distribution.


Sent on Tuesday 5/12/15


“Sent on Tuesday? Holy crap I was out for an entire week. Oh no that means that they have already released the virus on the people. Which means…” I whispered softly.

“Oh no! I need to go make sure that Emily is Okay!!!”

That’s when I remembered that the scientists gave me back my phone. I reach into my pocket and whip open my phone to find three missed messages. The first one was from Emily and it read.


“Jackiller I hope you’re Okay and well, Sorry about the sword in your back, and my real full name is Emily Crimsin Grim. I am telling you this because if you are my real soulmate then you’ll be able to read this message and I am leaving to go to Rhode Island to pack to go with you to wherever you go. When you’re ready to find me all you need to do is speak aloud my true name.”

Message 2 was also from her.

“Jackiller there has been some sort of viral outbreak and their evacuating the entire state to the New Jersey Coast Guard. Please get here soon I can sense your life force which means that you’re alive. Just please hurry!”

The third message was from Verizon about my data plan;

“ Due to the current circumstances we have chosen to give you unlimited data usage and world wide cellular coverage. We thank you for your continued co-operation.”

Sweet the zombie apocalypse begins and I can make a call to any country with cellphone coverage and can watch all the videos I want to on Youtube without needing a wifi connection. Just what I’ve always wanted. Now in order for me to be able to get to the surface I need to first re-establish the power supply so the elevators work again and then I’d need to get all the way back to sector C, the room I’m in right now, and then repair the elevator control system. This shouldn’t be hard at all. Now I only have one problem- there wasn’t any source of light.

All I had was a small flashlight that barely lit up a piece of notebook paper and a low phone battery. So what was I left to do. I was left with the options of waiting for the lights to come back on[not happening] or I could go through the entire laboratory blindly groping around my surroundings. I went with option # 2 only because I knew that the zombies were going to try as hard as they can to avoid me. Like I said the beings here are just as backwards as a cat being called a dog.


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