Breaking news! The Amazing Logan and Super Della have once again saved us from disaster! A bomb was found inside the mall. As everyone evacuated, the two appeared on the scene. With their quick thinking, they diffused the bomb and saved the day! Another feat to add to their list of incredible accomplishments! These two have done everything- from digging to China to saving kittens in trees.There's no duo more amazing than this kid and his four-legged friend.

I smiled as I heard my brother and our dog tearing around the yard. COVID kept everyone at home, but Della made it bearable. She was a godsend. My extroverted brother wasn't able to go play with friends, but the golden puppy that joined our family only months before the shutdown was the perfect playmate. They went on all kinds of adventures and brought much needed laughter to our days. We should have had years of watching their antics as they grew up together.

But 3 years later, just after Christmas, the unthinkable happened. Della disappeared. Despite hundreds of people and hundreds of hours searching- my brother hardest of all- she was nowhere to be found. 

Finally in late February, we got the news that her body had been found in a nearby lake. We said goodbye to the ball of sunshine who kept us going when the world shut down. 

Each day I miss her. We lost part of our family; part of our heart. My brother lost his best friend. 

This world can be so unfair. But in the darkest times, remembering the joy Della brought us helps me push on. I smile and think of a super-dog and her boy, rushing off to save the world. 

You certainly saved our world Della Rose. Thank you.



Submitted: February 28, 2023

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That's lovely miss Wildheart I think we have a winner! (-: if you would like to check out my story called ragdolls and rabbits you may do so.

Thu, March 16th, 2023 1:15am

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