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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
BASED ON TRUE FACTS: On a simple late night jog, I've finally come across my first super-natural experience. I've met a girl who could not find her way home. The very next day I tried to help her towards the light. I can only hope she took my advice, Lord I hope she was able to cross over.

Submitted: November 07, 2013

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Submitted: November 07, 2013





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Creative Direction, artwork, photography, book design: Faith Folau





This event takes place on November 2, 2013 at 10pm.  Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii on the main road ‘Fort Weaver Rd.’


All of my life the beliefs of ghost and spirits (good and evil) has sort of been very neutral.  I don’t re-call ever caring if they exist or not.  In my mind, I’ve always believed that spirits and ghost was a part of our world.  I just never cared enough to want to see one or experience it in any kind of way.  Just as long as they minded their own business, I was going to mind mines.  That’s how I feel and how I’ve always felt about supernatural stories and situations.

Their once was someone very dear to my heart and someone I loved.  As a kid she once told me her experience with the un-seen.  When she was a little girl, she saw an “Olgo-Polgo” swimming through the ocean.  She was resting in the sand and sitting catching her breath from swimming in the ocean.  She than saw this big snake like creature weaving in and out of the ocean very smoothly and then it was gone.  She never saw it again but continued to swim in the same ocean for many years.  She explained to me that she was never scared to go back in the ocean.  Because for many years people swam in the ocean every day and there was not once a reported attack or a single missing person.

As I would get older, I would learn that this so-called Olgo-Polgo is known to us as the Loch-ness Monster.  I guess back in the 1950’s the Loch-ness was cold the Olgo-Polgo, according to the woman who I once knew.

As I got a little older, we used to take these late night random walks for fitness.  But sometimes we would walk the streets late at night mainly because either the house was hot or we were just bored.  These late night walks came with benefits.  It would make the kids tired and sleepy but sometimes we would walk to the store for some ice cream, soda pop or candies. 

One late night we went walking because the house was hot and what a good way to cool off, walking under the night sky.  We would walk and cover almost half of the city and turn around.  The person that was dear to my heart told me another one of her ghost sightings stories, again.  She said as a teenage girl she was walking home one late night from a friend’s house.  She was 3 blocks away from home and from 3 blocks away she saw a transparent ghostly figure cross from the family church into her back yard.  It floated very slowly into her back yard and vanished.  The figure was bright-bluish floating but she wasn’t sure if it was a man or a woman because she was too far away.

As I got older the curiosity of ghosts would be more on my mind as often.  I was now getting older and becoming a young adult.  I had friends that were having the same interests as I did, especially for the paranormal things.  We would always have these ghosts hunting nights twice a year around the haunted places on our Island.  After a while we would give up and grew out of it.  We didn’t come across anything spooky during our time as “Ghost Hunters” but have great memories and stories during those days.

Many, Many, Many years have passed on since those days.  In fact I no longer see or hear from those friends I had when we were young and just having fun.  I still hadn’t had any ghost experience 25 years later.  Until now! 

I wish this experience would have happened in the month of October because I’m an October baby.  Every baby born in October will never ever not celebrate Halloween.  Ghost hunting is best in October or best when done on Halloween for a spookier affect, I guess.

It was 2 days after Halloween and I had become very busy running around doing some errands.  I just recently started to go jogging at night to be better in getting healthy for myself.  I leave every day at a certain time during the early evening.  I haven’t jogged on Halloween and the day after because I have been busy on those days.  So, I planned to make up for those 2 days lost.  I had planned on working out for 2 hours to make up for my lost time on November 2, 2013.

I headed out the house at about 730pm and I did my regular route first which would only take me 30 minutes to complete.  Some time I slow jog that route and by the time I get done, I’ll be home in 25 minutes.  This time I completed my normal route and continued on to the main road.  On the main road on Fort Weaver Rd, there are bus lines, stores, fast food restaurants and houses.  When I got to the main road it’s now 8:00 O clock at night and continued to pass the McDonalds and jog pass a storage place.

I continued to jog and coming up is a Subway restaurant and on the corner is a KFC restaurant.  I stopped by the KFC to catch by breath because I needed to cross the street but there were cars turning so I had to wait in order to cross.  I crossed the street and walked to catch my breath and take some pictures.  I took a video and recorded me walking, and recorded the traffic because I was going to post it on my FaceBook.

I felt like during the week of Halloween I had ate to many sweets and carbs so I decided to make my route more difficult and make a left turn towards these town houses.  It’s a really nice and quiet neighborhood; it’s more for the middle class or wealthy folks.  Some times when I jog in that neighborhood, I sometimes pretend that I’m from that area and I jog and walk with confidence.  There’s always people jogging, running, walking, and sometimes people walk their dogs and push their babies in strollers while they run.

When I used to run and jog around these parts, there was no shopping mall, yet.  I jogged up the side of the mini mall and headed back to the main road on Fort Weaver.  I was going to end my route here and head back home.  I came up to a stop light with lots of traffic.  I wait for my turn to cross so I could jog on the main road on that side heading home.  I was going home so naturally, I would cross the street and jog on that side of the main road. 

As I wait for my light to turn so I could walk, I notice this very young girl across the street by the golf course.  I noticed her because she was looking very sad, and that’s the first thing I noticed about her.  Her face look very sad even thought it was emotion-less.  I also noticed that she never looked up or around, she kept her eyes on the ground as she walked.  The color of her face was one dimension, like she was wearing a medium brown color make-up powder all over her face, just one flat color. 

She looked as she had just gotten into an argument with her boyfriend and was storming home.  By this time it was just around 9pm.  During this time and in this area the only people you see are mostly people exercising, jogging or doing some walking.  She wore white tank-top and black slacks that stopped at the knees.  She had long light to medium straight brown hair; it looked like it was a dyed color.  It was long hair, just passing her tail-bone and she was short, about 5’5. 

By now I’ve already crossed the street and I’m probably 10 feet behind her.  By now I’m more concerned on getting home from jogging for more than an hour.  I see her but I’m not concerned about her, what made me concerned about her was because of what was about to happen and I piece everything together.

As I walk 10 feet behind her, I wonder to myself, is she walking or is she jogging?  So I look down at her feet to see if she’s wearing shoes.  If she’s wearing shoes than that means she out here jogging or walking but I get confused when I look at her feet.  By the time I decide to look at her feet she starts running!  By her running it distracts me from looking at her feet, I now focus on her running.  She’s booking it and left me all the way in the back.  I start to feel a little bit of competition and I start to run and pick up speed.  When she stops I figure now is my chance to catch up to her, because now I’m feeling a bit of completion. 

I finally catch up to her just a bit, but I’m tired so I stop, but she is still ahead of me.  As she walks and I’m now 20 feet behind her.  I than remember to take a look at her feet to see what kind of shoes she’s wearing.  I don’t know why, but I just needed to look at her feet to see what kind of shoes she has on her feet.  I know I’m only 20 feet away and it’s dark, but I can’t identify the type of shoes she’s wearing.  I look at her feet and I don’t see any feet.  It’s dark and the on-coming cars have their lights shining and glaring.  So maybe that’s why I couldn’t see her feet? 

I get a little closer just enough so I could properly focus on her, but I still see no feet.  I originally think to myself, “Maybe she’s wearing black shoes and I just can’t see them under the night sky, plus there isn’t much light on this road.”  By now I’m speed walking just trying to be right behind her but not enough to where I might seem like I’m following her.  As I thinking I’m catching up to her, she starts to run and books it.  “Damn!”  I was just almost caught up to her and now she’s booking it, again.  Now my competitive side has just lost hope. 

So I give up trying to compete and catch up with her and continue my own pace.  The road I was on is a road that has quick turns.  If you were to turn left you would turn into a chain link fence that is more than 6 feet high.  If you were to turn right you would have to cross the cars in traffic on both sides, cars going both ways, in and out of Ewa Beach.  And when you do cross there is another set of side walk and then another 6ft something chain link fence.  And then couple more feet to walk to make a complete turn leading elsewhere. 

I finally walk my pace and still the girl is way ahead of me and I take a one second glance towards the bright lights of the on-coming traffic.  I look forward and now the girl is gone.  I look across the street, maybe she had crossed?  There’s no one there, there is too much walk way going on.  Like I said, if she would have turned right she would still be seen.  If she went left, this 5’5ft girl would have had to leap the 6 something foot fence with one leap for me not to see her.  Or she would have had to walk through the fence for me not to see her.  I immediately go into suspicious mode and try and figure out where the hell she went.  There were 40 more feet of walk way for us to finish and she just wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I stop to where I last saw her and looked around, and came to conclusion that this girl was a ghost that just disappeared.  She has had too, there was no other way for her to go, not left and not right, it was just impossible.  I continue to investigate where she could have gone, besides just disappearing into thin air.  I cannot come up with a conclusion, and now I come to my reality that she was a ghost.

I have to be honest; I got a little eerie, especially if I’m now on this street by myself.  That girl, she was my only company, sort of and now I’m here alone.  So now I head home and take precautions.  My belief in the super-natural has now been fueled.  I play the scenes over in my head from the time I saw her and put a couple of things together.  When I was across the street when my eyes first met her, she looked sad with no expression on her face and she was staring at the ground.  I remember seeing her eyes, it looked lost and confused.  The color of her skin was washed with one color and she was walking in a mid-pace. 

She was full body, I don’t remember her being transparent like most ghost when they show themselves to the living.  She was solid in human form, but I remember I couldn’t see her feet.  Than it comes to my mind, I couldn’t see any feet because she didn’t have any.  I’ve heard ghost and or spirits showing themselves to the living with either no feet or no face.  This young girl had not feet, I recall only seeing ankles as I tried to look at her feet.  Her age would be around 15, or 16 (around there). 

That night I only told one person and that was it.  I wasn’t going to ever speak about this to anyone else because being afraid that people that I told would think I’m making it up or just crazy.  But I did tell someone the very next day because I just had her on my mind all day and all night.  I just couldn’t get her out of my mind, so I told what I saw.

So I had asked if anybody had died in the area and it was confirmed that there were 2 or 3 people died in that area.  2 males and one female had died in that area.  I gave my description of the girl that I’ve seen and everything was adding up.  The person that I’ve told said to me that she was a young girl who had cut out of school that day.  She was in a really bad car wreck when she died in that area.  Her death at the time along with family and pictures of her can be found on Google.  Now, I’ve heard of this tragedy about 2 years ago, and that’s it.  I don’t know what she looked like, and I’m now getting the full story on Google.

We come across her pictures and sure enough.  There she is, the girl I seen the night before with her long medium light brown hair.  She was very young and very petite, but that was definitely her.  I take the time to read her story and look at her pictures and combine the pictures with the images in my head of seeing her the night before.  Also, the area that I witnessed her in was near her home, and 3 blocks up was the crash site. 

Again, I put two and two together: She was looking lost and sad because she’s lost.  I get the feeling that she doesn’t know she’s dead and is walking back and forth trying to get to her home.  And she’s been dead for almost 2 years and she looks so sad when I saw her walking and pacing.  Can you imagine this poor girl trying to find her home and have been stuck in this area for over 2 years?  I don’t think her soul has rested in peace, yet.

So the very next night I visited the crash site, I got the directions from Google.  And what a coincidence the crash site is couple feet away from the KFC restaurant that I was catching my breath at the night before. I put a flower down at the crash site and I whisper the words “Follow the light.” 

I hope she found the light; being trapped on earth is so saddening to me for such a young girl.


© Copyright 2020 lilithaffairs. All rights reserved.

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