Room 103

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about two girls who find a body in a hotel room. Two men, dressed in all black have just walked out. One of the girls, Emmy, calls her boyfriend, Sam, trying to get help, while Jess,
the other girl, looks for evidence. They know too much, the men have seen them, what happens to them? Will they stay alive? Read on to find out just what happens in "Room 103" By Lily K. G.

Submitted: April 07, 2018

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Submitted: April 07, 2018



Room 103

June 30, 2017, Rock Falls, IL

“Hey Emmy?”


“ Are you hungry?”

“ Oh my word YES!! I’ve been waiting for you to say that!”

“Okay let's go to Culvers, not like we have any other options,” Jess said and laughed. The girls left their room and heard a loud thump in the room next to them, Room 10,but they kept going, not thinking anything of it...

1 hour later….

 “ Ugh I am SO full! I swear I ate the equivalent to an elephant!” said Emmy.  Jess laughed, but was caught off guard by two large men, suspiciously in all black.

“ I wonder where there going to, they have full suits, maybe they’re part of the secret service!” Jess wondered.

The girls walked down and noticed a door had been left open, room 103… they looked inside and saw blood, blood everywhere, and a body, as lifeless as a rock! The girls froze, the last thing they could think about was moving. They studied the body, his throat had been slit… then at that moment Emmy noticed,

” J-Je-ss?”

“Y-ya” Jess stuttered

“T-Those men, they walked out of, THIS ROOM! They weren't working for the secret service they were murderers!” Emmy cried.

“ WE’RE GONNA DIE EMMY! ” Jess broke down sobbing.

“ SHHHHH, no one can know about this. We know too much, they’ll come after us next!”

They ran to the window in the hallway and saw the men drive away, but Jess got a glimpse of the driver, and so did he of her.


“ What! What’s wrong?!” Emmy screeched.

“ He saw me, why am I so stupid!?”

“No this isn’t the time to be down on yourself! You didn’t know!” Emmy encouraged Jess.

They went back to the scene, wondering what to do, and decided --they would take this into their own hands. But two girls couldn't do this alone, they needed Sam.

“ Sam pick up, pick up! Oh my gosh! Thank God! Sam you might want to sit down. Ok so we need you down here at the hotel like right now. We saw two suited men walk out then went to their room that was left open and found a dead body and blood everywhere.” Emmy called Sam. “ I know this is a lot to understand but I… we need you STAT.” Emmy hung up before he could answer.

“ Now what do we do?” Jess asked

“ We wait…”

A loud knock came over the silent room. Jess jumped a little, and Emmy had been waiting to hear that, she got up and when to the door in a flash. She hugged Sam tightly and started crying like never before.

“ I don’t know what’s going on!” She cried into Sam’s shoulder.

All he could do at this point was protect and comfort the girls. They took him to THE ROOM, room 103. They had found a keycard while searching around for evidence, they also found a pamphlet. It read J.B.Inc, this could mean anything. As soon as Sam saw the body he ran to the trash can to throw up. The stench had grown since they had been there last. Emmy showed Sam the evidence while Jess was hosing down the room with FeBreze, and then it clicked. What if this was an ongoing murder. What if others had been killed, and what if there was going to be more. They gathered all the evidence they could than ran back to their room to research.

“ J.B.Inc… what could that stand for, a name, a place?” She googled it and found a picture of a guy, a guy named John Barrett.

The night crept upon everyone, no one had eaten anything, just studied everything they possibly could.

“ The plan is, we sleep tonight, then in the morning sign out of our room and put the do not disturb on room 103, no one will find the body and we can figure out what’s going on,” Emmy explained.

“ Where are we driving to first?”

“ Were heading south-west, to Missouri.”

July 1, 2017 Rock Falls, IL

 “Yes, we would like to sign out of our room, room 105,” Jess explained as the other two got the bags and carried them outside.

They jumped in the car for a seven hour drive, Sam driving, Emmy riding shotgun, and Jess in the back. They couldn’t do much right now but Emmy got out her computer to check for more information she might have missed. Everything was the same as it was, even the purple links to tell you you’ve been there before. Right as she was going to close the laptop something caught her eye, a logo. The same logo the man’s shirt had on it. This logo was for the Elect Insurance company. He must have worked there, but… this didn’t line up. Why in the world would an insurance company’s logo show up for J.B.Inc, how were they related?

 The three arrived at J.B.Inc in Kansas City at 2:07 pm. No one was there, no one at all. The information said nothing about it closing down, or being closed for a holiday, but it wasn’t a holiday anyway. What was going on?

 “ Guys I don't know if we should be here. Why did we get into this mess in the first place!?” Jess panicked.

 “ We have to break in, there’s no other choice. If we're gonna find out what happened to this innocent man then we need to commit,” Emmy told everyone.” Now let's find a way in.” Just as they found a cracked open door, they heard a yell.


 “ What’s going on? We’re gonna die!” Jess cried.


They all put their hands up as they were told to do so, and turned around to see who it was. A tall guy in a…a... black suit, was standing there, looking down in utter control.

“ Now that I have your attention, you will do EVERYTHING I say! Without hesitation!” The suited man explained. “Do you understand?”

“Don’t worry guys im gonna do everything in my power to keep you safe,” Sam whispered.


“...Yes sir..” Jess said in sheer terror.

They walked with the guy together until they were seperated. They were put in 3 different pitch black rooms, only 5 feet by 5 feet.

Jess’ POV

 I’m gonna die I just know it. I’m the weakest they’ll come for me first, they’ll make Emmy suffer and listen to my screams. We should’ve never gotten into this. We should’ve gotten help.  I wanna live, I wanna get married to my true love, and I want to see my first child. Why me.. I already have too much burden. My family will be devastated, or at least my mom will. Dad dying a year ago took away emotion in my house. I can’t let my mom lose me too.

Emmy’s POV

No.. no no no this can’t be happening. *gasping for air* We’re gonna die. I can’t breathe, I’m shaky, this room is too small, I didn’t get to say goodbye to Jess and Sam, I… I didn’t get to say goodbye to Charlie… my-- sister. She won’t know what to do without me, her only sibling, her older sister, she’ll have to take care of Grandma all by herself. I’m so stupid getting myself into this. I just wish I could go back. Then I heard a muffled voice yelling...

Sam’s POV

 C’mon C’mon…NO SERVICE! “EMMY CAN YOU HEAR ME, EMMY!?” I screamed

“  YES I HEAR YOU SAM!” Emmy answered


Then… I-- I heard a .. scream. I knew that voice… emmy no not emmy please. I can’t even do anything. I get up and start banging and punching the door. Nothing. No more… no more screaming. I break into tears, only hoping. God, please, save us, help us get out, save Emmy. Hurt me instead… please God not Emmy, not Jess.

“ You… Get up.” The man said.

 “ No no Please!” Emmy said, tears rolling down her face, one after the other. The man grabbed Emmy’s arm and dragged her out.

 “ Ahhhhhhhh GET OFF OF ME!” The piercing cry only made the man angrier. Still dragging Emmy across the floor into a large room, empty, he through her then left before she could figure out where she was. Cement floors, padded walls, what was going on?

 “LET ME OUT RIGHT NOW!” Emmy screamed helplessly, no one could hear her, she knew, but she had no choice but to only hope.

Sam looked out the tiny window on his door. Only another room. No one was there. Sam needed to make a distraction to get Jess out and find Emmy. He screamed as loud as he could.


“Um.. OK SAM!” Jess replied. Jess started to bang on the door when a man came over.


“Um I need to go to the bathroom.” Jess told the man

“You’re going to have to hold it ,kid.”

“But you know lady things *cough cough*” Jess explained

“ Just go ok.” He quickly answered

“THANK YOU!” Jess ran to the bathroom which luckily had a window in it. She couldn’t find an opening to it.. she punched the glass as hard as she could with it shattering into hundreds of pieces. Blood dripped down her hand but she didn’t care. All that was important now was to run as fast as she could. She ran out of the lot and ran til she was far enough away to get service and call  the police.

Sam looked at the glass window.. the man had gone to guard the bathroom door so the coast was clear. Sam didn’t know how thick the glass was but didn’t have any other choice. Time was counting down and the adrenaline rush of the deadly day gave him the power. His hand flew through the window bleeding instantly, he reached down and unlocked the door. Right as he opened the door  he ran to where he thinks Emmy is.

“SAM OVER HERE! HELP PLEASE SAM!” Emmy screamed to him

“ Emmy I’m coming! We’re gonna get out” Sam answered and ran to the huge room she was in. He saw her and ran to hug her.

“Emmy I was so worried about you. I love you!”

“I don’t know what to do they threw me in this room and left me here. WAIT WHERE’S JESS!?!” Emmy cried into Sam’s shoulder then panicked in pure terror.

“She went to the bathroom like I told her too. Unfortunately I don’t know what happened after that. I’m sorry Emmy.” Sam told her

“NO No no not Jess. We need to find her.” They snuck out of the room and last the men while they were looking for Sam. They made it to the bathroom grateful to see the broken window. Then they saw the blood and their hearts dropped.

“They.. they hurt her. She could still be here we need to look for her.” Emmy panicked more, they went out of the bathroom looking around every corner for the men. Nothing, Jess wasn’t anywhere to be found.

6:24 pm July 1, 2017 Rock Falls, IL

“Ma’am did you see the people in this room.”

“I swear I only saw those two girls but they had been staying in the room beside room 103.” The lady answered.

“ Ok I’m going to need the girls information they are now suspects in this murder investigation.” The cop explained to the lady at the desk.

“One girl had dark brown hair and was about 5’3” the other.. uh I think dark red hair... no no more of an orange red. She was like 5’5” I think something around that, you see I have many customers that come and go it’s very hard to remember them. I’m just so shocked that this happened in our little town like how could that happen—-“

“OK ma’am that’s all I’ll need today. Thank you” the police said rolling his eyes. Some people are just so annoying.

6:24 pm, July 1, 2017, J.B.Inc


“EMMY RUN RUN RUN!” Sam yelled

“I’M TRYING!” Emmy screamed back. They turned the corner to see another man standing at the end of the hallway. Emmy and Sam looked around… everywhere was blocked, nowhere to go. Emmy broke down in tears, sobbing, sobbing tears of pure dread, sadness, and hatred. She fell to the ground screaming, crying, praying for help. The men looked at her not knowing what to do. Sam looked at her in the eyes,

 “I love you, I won’t let anything happen to you” Then kissed her on the forehead reassuring her.

 “ What’s with her?” One of the men asked.

 “You must be really stupid, I’m surprised they hired you. What’s with her, WHAT”S WITH HER, WHAT'S WITH YOU! You kidnapped us, killed many people, she saw a dead body today, again you must be very, very stupid to ask, what’s with her!” Sam answered. The men stood there a little shocked and offended, especially the stupid one.

 “ Now you listen to me your going to listen to me, you are going to let us go, you are going to turn yourself in, and your going to jail. Got it!?” Sam said.

 “ Uh.. Yes Sir.” muffled the stupid man.

 “ Oh really, you think you can get through us, just a little girl and a pretty boy?” Another man stepped out from behind. Emmy looked up with fury in her eyes.

 “ I--AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!” She ran at him and punched him in the face as he fell to the ground. With rage in her eyes she kept going, punching and punching until he passed out.

 “Who’s next?” Just as she asked, the sound of sirens came from down the street. Emmy looked at the men blocking the door with a cruel death stare, and they moved without hesitation. Sam and Emmy ran out the door as the police cars arrived at the building. Out stepped… Jess!

 “ JESS!!! I was so worried, are you ok? Did they hurt you!?”

 “ No no i’m fine, I escaped by punching in the bathroom window and running far enough to find service. How did you get out?” Jess explained

 “ Long story short, I ran around for a while looking for you, but then the men saw us and cornered us. Then I broke down crying, a sexist man said something, I raged, then punched him in the face about 15 times till he passed out.” Emmy said.

 “ Wow not half bad. I guess you’re stronger than I thought. Haha, I love you!”

 “ Love you too J!” The girls walked over to the side of the building, it was 6:48 p.m. They were both so glad the day was over. Sam found them and hugged Emmy. They all walked around and ended up behind the building, just talking, like normal, they needed some of that.

 “Emmy…. Look behind you..” Sam whispered. Emmy turned around and screamed but Sam put his hand over her mouth.

 “ What do you want” Jess said, trembling.

 “ I want revenge, you ruined my perfect plan and you deserve to pay.”

 “ What do we need to pay..” Sam asked quietly.

 “ I want your lives.” A man said taking out a gun and firing… right into Emmy’s chest.

 “ NO NO NO EMMY NO!!! I’VE NEVER KNEW WHAT LOVE WAS BEFORE YOU! Please stay with me please.” Sam broke down into tears, checking her pulse that wasn’t there. Checking for life in that limp, dead body.

 “ HELP HELP HELP!” Jess cried as the police ran to the scene. Jess found a rusty crowbar in the dead grass and before the man could run away she took all the power she had left and all the anger and forced that crowbar down on his head. She fell to the ground in tears,

 “ God, please help! PLEASE! Emmy is dying! Please don’t take her yet, NOT YET!!” Jess cried out. The police got an ambulance on the scene as quick as possible and rushed Emmy to the hospital.

 “ Emmy I love you..” Jess looked up to heaven.

One week later…

 “ In loving memory of Emmy Marie Anderson. She… she was a light in all of our lives. She would do anything to see a smile on your face. She loved and cared so so much, I can’t imagine my life without that amazing girl. I love you Emmy” Jess, barely, spoke. Emmy’s funeral was held a week after the shooting. Myra cried, looking at her sisters lifeless body.

 “ NO, she doesn’t wear makeup, take it off of her, she says makeup is bad for your skin. Take it off!” Myra interrupted the service. Nothing will ever be the same.

 “ This wasn’t her time to go, she had so much potential, I loved her, and I still do, but It never going to be the same. I miss you Em, and I love you..” Sam said on his turn to speak. The service ended and all the family and close friends walked to see her for the last time.

 “I’m really gonna miss you Em, you are prettier without makeup, I love you.” Jess said and broke down into tears.

 “ I--I can’t. I can’t say goodbye to my girl. I love you Emmy, so much, I’m gonna miss you forever. I won’t say goodbye. See ya later sweetie, I love you!” Emmy’s Grandma struggled to say.

 “ Baby, I love you. I lied, I can’t live with myself. I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you. I LIED! I miss you so much. I have to go now. I- I’m so sorry, It should’ve been me, I should’ve died in your place. Go-- goodbye Em.” Sam said crying.

 “ They shouldn’t have put makeup on you, It’s not right. I’m gonna really miss you big sis. I’ll hold down the fort back home, I’ll take care of grandma don’t worry. I love you. But this doesn’t mean we can’t talk, I still want to talk to you when I need it. And thank you for… everything. I love you so much and i’ll miss you.. A lot. Bye” Myra spoke to Emmy almost as if she was alive. But she wasn’t. That man, that man took her life because he didn’t get what he wanted. That selfish, unthankful man took Emmy’s short life without notice, without getting goodbyes, without experiencing life.


© Copyright 2020 LilKay. All rights reserved.

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