The House WIth A 100 Rooms

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its about a house with 100 rooms and every room had something different in it.

Submitted: June 17, 2010

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Submitted: June 17, 2010



We went to visit some relatives in South Carolina not sure what the name of the city was, but there was a house that had a 100 rooms and everyone was talking about it. How awesome it was to go in see. We decided to go and see it cost 300 a person but worth it.

The first room was the best becasue it had a amusement park with the all the rides you could think of and it was free. I mean we wanted to stay in there and not go anywhere else but we also wanted to see the other rooms. So off to the room 2 well it was like the first but scary because it had enormous animals. Some of the animals in there were over sized alligators and crocs and snakes. They were chasing everyone, some got eaten and others got trampled on. So we left that room soon as possible.

Now we were in room 3 had nothing but food all the food you could think of and wanted. I mean you could become overweight in a few seconds thats how much food was there. So they had to drag me out and off to room 4 was the mall a free mall, it had all the stores from every single mall in the USA. THe rooms are huge so they can fit everything in there, the house had magic.

Room 5 was based on the Nightmare on Elm Street it was a very scary room so we didnt bother to stay. The next 2 rooms 6 and 7 were jason and michael meyers, we keep on going. Room 8 was a baby and kid room it had everything for children books and movies and cartoons. Everything that a child could want and need. Room 9 women only and room 10 men only. i stayed in room 9 while the men went to room 10. Let me tell you about room 9 it was awesome you could have spa days or just take a nap and do lots of shopping. Also catered they did all the cooking and cleaning it was a womans world. Room 10 was based on beer and sports a mans world.

Lets go forward to the next few rooms 11 thru 15 they are not quite empty yet but room 11 has Disney world and room 12 was Kings Dominion, room 13 was busch gardens and room 14 was sea world and room 15 was wet n wild. So of course they were full so we went on and decided we would come back to see them later. Now off to room 16 was a wish room all the wishes you could think of and more. So i wish for more time to explore the house since we still had a bunch more rooms to see and for time to stop on the outside of the house. Room 17 was another horrible room it had dinosaurs and cavemen in it and you were constantly running for your life so noway did we stay long at all. Off to room 18 the kids will love this room it has all the characters from nickelodon channel and disney channel. The characters were real not humans in a costume. They put on shows it was as if you were watching tv and they gave out autographs and souvneirs. It was a awesome room,but we wanted to go to the next room 19. Room 19 was the wonka room, it had everything from chocolate to marshmallows and everything in between. What a dream room for people of all ages. The next room 20 was again a scary one, it was a big tank full of all the animals from the ocean and there was little space to walk. It was scary because you can get stuck and the animals could get loose and eat you or crush you. Room 21 was a fairy princess and prince room. You get to be a prince or princess while your in the room, and get the royal treatment.

Room 22 was based on books you could go in and think or say out loud what book you like and be in the book in seconds. If you wanted you could change it to the way you think it should be and it wouldnt affect the book at all except for in the room. It was awesome and a room i would visit more often during my tour of the house.

In room 23 its a magical land where you desires come true all you have to do is think of it and boom there it is. Wouldnt it be cool to really have a room like that in real life. It be awesome. Well room 24 is scary haunted house room the best haunted house ever. All the scary things you could think of and more. Plus its a free room, and everyone is welcome. Come in if you dare and found out. Lets go to the other ooms and explore soem more. Room 25 and 26 is family rooms just plain old family rooms go have some old fashion fun and a good time the simple way life should be. Room 27 is the dress room kinda like the movie 27 dresses but there are all kinds of dresses for all kind of occassions. Another girl dream a room full of goregous and affordable dresses. Not all are free you do have to pay for some but they are cheap original dresses not knock offs. 28 is animal room for all animals and people if they want to go in. The animals have cool magical powers they can talk and act human without being human.

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