A hatred Of You

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One day I hope he suffers, but mostly I hope he suffers because of me.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



I never thought I'd feel this way,

Well at least about you.

God I love that smile,

And the way you suckered me in-digging your hooks deep,

well it should be illegal.

The way I've heard

It happen to more than one poor soul.

Love me,

Care for me,

Laugh with me,

Its all apart of the game.

Soon we would be friends,

Then we would despise each other,

Next we became aquatics,

soon all so soon would I have learned what it was like to live as once was.

But I do have to give a standing ovation,

such great acting skills!

To be able to look in my eyes-fooling me in sugar words.

Not many can live with them selves as the world encloses them while devouring their soul.

So here is an ode to you!

This feeling I feel was raised in hell.

Just to come across a memory-will set it in stone.

It rises up from my mind to my soul,

And with that a passion accurse.

A passion to see you suffer,

One day I'll sit upon the thrown.

And watch you,

Fall upon the feeling of;



And being betrayed.

Then you would know how i felt truly.

But now I ride the waves of hatred,

A hatred of you.


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