Staring At The Keyboard

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I wrote this because I just want to know what happened between me and my ex. This helped me threw it.

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



I sat here staring at the keyboard.

It happened so sudden as the words flashed on the screen.

My heart started to race as my chest heaved like slaved workers on a hot day.

At first my thoughts went to the land of semi-doubt.

Its simply just a change of plans.

Even though this was the thought.

The doubt swelled in my pit of my stomach.

My thought was proven wrong.

The pressure was no longer on my mind,

But the weights of my fear sunken down unto my soul just as if it was a sinking ship.

I knew the meaning of those flashing words.

It was to be no more,

And will be no more.

 How could this have gotten thrown away?

Told that this was to be forever.

Told that love would always be at hand.

Told many things.

Lied to-every time- so it seems.

The more it was brought up,

 Like bubbles at the bottom of a glass of pop;

The more the question "why" occurred.

Never spoken out,

But only on the mind.


Why does this seem so little,

But O so big to me?


Why wasn't I good enough?


Why did this happen?


Never spoken afterwards.

Could never look "that" way and feel the same.

I want to ask.

I can't ask.

I know exactly how it will end.

It will happen so sudden, as the words i have been wanting to know flash, on the screen.

I'll be left;

Staring at the keyboard.





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