Burning Pieces

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Sometimes writing my emotions helps my aspect on everything else. This poem really helped me realize that.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




You lied to me,

you said I’d be ok 

even though everyday 

you see my sadness


You have no idea what’s going on

my heart is still shattered 

from two years ago 

all I wanted was to say no 


My life has gotten a little better, 

for I have seen my path

god has set up for me, 

If only you could see


Happiness is what I want,

but you have no idea how to deliver 

the needs I need to survive. 

Why can’t you just try? 


Saying i’m a failure in life,

doesn't help my damed aching heart 

Do you want it to be apart!

or is it just me?


You make me feel helpless

like a lost puppy with no home

Why don’t I just leave,

maybe then I can be me


School is only worse,

cyber-bullying and too much more

I don’t think I can take it 

could you? 


Love is what I thrive for,

unfortunately I’ve never felt it before

Feeling forever alone,

like no one gives a single damn


Sitting in the shower crying,

is starting to get more frequent

Feeling the pain of my heart 

rolling down my cheeks 


My shattered heart feels like fire,

why do I even bother

to try anymore,

to find your love


Maybe my life will get better

hopefully I’ll be healed forever,

but I dought  it 

my heart is burning in your fire

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