The Misunderstood Past

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My confession..

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




Your love is everything to me 

like honey is to a bee 

when your gone 

the pieces of my heart are missing you 

trying my best everyday to make it ok for 

the pain you and me go through 

to be at rest a single day 


The word believe goes from strong to weaker

sometimes its hard to be a believer 

when all i get is a amatory response 

maybe my life isn't worth living the stress of your life

I just need to be happy agin 

love might have been a wrong word for our false connection 

or maybe its just me


Faith is keeping my heart strong

god put me on this path for a reason 

even though the journey seems long

it was worth living for

as I see myself in the mirror I seem strong 

when really my insides are screaming like a child in danger 

how do I get out? 


Sometimes I feel like your not holding on like I am 

all i needed was someone there when I cry 

but you don't seem to give a damn 

you only put me in seven years of torture 

having your nasty hands around me like a dog 

abuse is a strong thing to deal with 

believe me 


All you are is a stupid boy 

for making me think of ending my life 

there was nothing else left for me to enjoy

god is all I had to lead me through 

the horrific things you did to me 

waking up everyday with a fake smile for seven years is cruel 

especially to a young child


You wouldn't realize what you've been doing 

after all the drugs and alcohol you've taken in 

praying every night is the most i could do 

besides falling asleep to the sound of my hurt heart 

I knew killing myself  would be a sin

Food nor water sounded good to me so,

I was dyeing from the inside 


My parents had no idea what you've been doing to me

nor the serious drugs that you've been involved in 

not only the abuse, but the things you've been doing 

only broke my heart even more

forgiveness was out of the question 

for you have no business being involved in my life 

but I was stuck, for there is nothing i could do 




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