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Illeterate people suffer each day, they become experiments or die because of signing a silly form!Stand against it!Make a difference!

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012




Just a rare glimpse with the naked eye into the sunlight and with an open mind in consideration the magnificence of peace can be claimed to have conquered the deepest and most mysterious of all places known to our own kind as the subconscious a place that scientists can not resist to explore. Many have staggered in the different depths of the human brain working together to create a being with its own personality in tack and so each being contains a brain but each being is different making it nearly insignificant and worthless to waste time on examinations and experiments, but still scientists believe otherwise. What is the use of this tragic and farfetched investigation when each human differs? Finding how one persons mind works is scientifically irrelevant if you consider the time period and of course the number of personalities still left to understand.

This is why illiteracy is such a big issue in the world it self today. Most scientists are tempted to make humans legal specimens to their experiments. Illiterate people are usually their first option because of their lack of knowledge towards reading, writing , mathematics and science in general. The country with the highest illiterate rate is Georgia. A beautiful country in Russia, but also a country falling apart because of the uneducated rate. The economy of the country suffers yet no one sees it because no one wants to believe it or do something about it. Scientists and sometimes the government as well take countries like Georgia and put them to their own use in other words take advantage of them.

One of the facts that are certain in illiteracy is that 13 percent of all 17 year olds  are functionally illiterate, among minority youth, the figure is 44 percent. Just imagine how many victims are out there in this dangerous world. It has happened time after time again illiteracy leads to people signing contracts without even knowing that they just signed a contract to their grave! Homeless people in search of easy money fall in to this trap every day. Scientists give them a small amount off money and take them  to their labs. Either they come out lucky, with a sickness  or dead. Some scientists are not even legalised they go about their work without a care in the world and as they do this they are also increasing the rate of illness in a country and also the death rate thus slowing down a countries development.

Therefore it only seems fair to say that the biggest social issue that the world is facing today is illiteracy. Since illiteracy contributes to prostitution, HIV/AIDs, abortion, drugs and many more. Then there is also the fact that we don’t normally see it but it is not only the scientists or the government alone that are responsible for the high rate of uneducated people. Sometimes its our own fault, if you had the opportunity to study in school but wasted it on drugs and recklessness that is your own fault and to make it worse that mistake you made is carried on to the next generation, your child or children to come. If you are illiterate your child will be too because he probably  will not have the chance that you had to study. There is a saying ‘’ grab every opportunity life throws at you’’ just because you don’t know what big difference it will make in your life and the generations still to come. Everyone pays for the problem of illiteracy therefore do not let other people suffer because of your mistakes.


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