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Syphon Raksha moves to a new neighbor hood after a tragedy in her old home. she meets a two new friends on the first day and maybe someone more than a friend. This bad boy can't explain what he feels for her and he is lost and confused in a school that he used to rule. But when a new boy come into the picture, he has the same problem. Syphon is caught in the middle of a guy fight and she can't choose which side to take. Should she give her heart to the bad boy? or to the stylish, careful Goody-goody?

Table of Contents

New Beginnings-Syphon's POV

SYPHON I had finished my school registration at Sweet Amoris High and was wandering the halls until my classes started after lunch. T... Read Chapter

Getting To Know You-Alexy's POV

ALEXY After lunch, Syphon and I went back to school and wandered around some more talking and laughing about things like how jumpy sh... Read Chapter

Secrets-Syphon's POV

SYPHON I walked into my Biology class and sat at the back of the room. I opened my sketchbook and drew a wolf siting in the snow, her... Read Chapter

Rivalry-Castiel's POV

CASTIEL This day just got better then it started out. A new girl with the last name Demon, eyes cooler then Ly’s and an attitude so... Read Chapter

Pain-Armin's POV

ARMIN Alexy said he wanted me to meet someone. This girl was not what I expected. I didn’t usually find piercings or tattoos attrac... Read Chapter

Band Practice-Syphon's POV

SYPHON I sat under the tree Alexy and I sat under at lunch and thought through my day. I had two friends, a guy that liked me and a g... Read Chapter

This Is The End-Castiel's POV

CASTIEL After playing a few songs, I looked over at Syphon. She was sitting on the ground in the corner, hunched over a note book. Ly... Read Chapter

Differences-Armin's POV

ARMIN I was walking around the town when I saw her. Red hair, black clothes, purple messenger’s bag. She was walking with her head ... Read Chapter

Sweet Nightmares-Syphon's POV

SYPHON After I walked into my house I sat on the couch and dropped my bag on the floor. There were too many guys and too many problem... Read Chapter

Little Mysteries-Castiel's POV

  CASTIEL When I saw Syphon the next day, I knew something was wrong. The way she just walked off yesterday, the way she was... Read Chapter

Just Shut Up-Syphon's POV

SYPHON As the days went on, I grew closer to Castiel and Armin, seeing more of their thoughts, trying to pick one without hurting the... Read Chapter

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