Heaven is unreachable

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A poem about a girl who thinks heaven is unreachable..and about how her love has fallin and she is left in her shell not welcome to love again.

Submitted: July 07, 2009

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Submitted: July 07, 2009



She sits and lets the

black rivers run down

her red cheeks.

she hugs her knees to her

chest, so tight she cant breathe.

she releases for a split second

and trys to suck up her sorrows,

But its to late.

Her eyes begin to swell up,

as each tear flows down.

Her teeth begin to chatter.

All she thinks is

"Whats the use? My life is a Shit Hole!"

She has gone through hell and back,

For what?

A Guy?

A guy to say she is his everything

when really she is nothing to him.

"Its america peopl lie" she was told.

He may say he loves her but

really he doesnt care what

happens to her.

She is sick of having those episodes

that make her so called heart feel empty.

She thought she could move on

and forget there sayings and memories.

But they are around her everywhere.

She doesnt want him to hate her like

he hates his ex.

She doesnt/cant/wont

be able to see him with another girl.

Knowing he is going to do the

same thing he did to her.

But yet she still loves this

boy! and Wont forget him.

Jesus Christ that boy was

her first kiss,first love,first guy that

she felt safe with.

He onced saved her but

know she cant be saved again.

She is back in her shell, Back

in her dark world where she knows

she isnt welcome to love or life anymore.

This is why she wrote this poem,

And is now in heaven living the life

she knew she could never reach.

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