The Mistake of Love

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A girl and her best friend/crush go on a quest to find her parents. (Ch1)

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




The forest grew denser as the black car glided towards the Tennessee state line. Moments later, the car turned onto a gravel road and traveled until it came to a building, hidden in the dense forest, and once the car had parked, the driver then briskly crossed the parking lot and entered his pass code to unlock the door to the building. When the bushes behind him rustled, he stopped, stayed perfectly still, barely breathing, listening, waiting; he moved on only when the barely perceptible sound of a fox’s’ paws padding on the soft green grass was heard. He was greeted by a group of young men, all of whom where wearing suits and seemed to be in a very bad mood. The man walked into a room with a very organized desk, clean white carpet, and a large brown leather chair. There was a plaque on the desk with the name Chris Rosenbush. When Mr. Rosenbush had sat down and picked up the newspaper on his desk, a man in his twenties knocked on the door and asked in a very nervous voice, “M-Mr. Rosenbush, sir, m-may I come in? I have t-the papers from y-yesterday’s assessment.”

 Mr. Rosenbush grunted, not looking up from the newspaper. “Have you found them yet?” 

 “N-no, sir, not yet b-but we have a good lead on w-where the suspects might be.” The assistant stammered as he handed in the reports, “we will s-start our search as soon as possible t-tomorrow morning.”

 “Good, make sure that this time they don’t escape,” Mr. Rosenbush said with a menacing glare, “You know what happened last time”

 “Y-Yes, s-sir, it w-wont happen again” the young man gave a nervous smile and walked out, shutting the door behind him.


A bright light shone through the small window above a very old tattered mattress. A teenaged girl stirred, annoyed by the light. She lifted her head and threw her pillow over it to try and block out the light. She grew restless and gave up on trying to go back to sleep. As she got up her matted, normally sleek, long, black hair fell in her face. She parted it and withdrew a very old hairbrush. She brushed her hair, with much difficulty, back into a ponytail and went to go get breakfast. As she walked down the hallway, something made the hair on the back of her neck standup, as though she were being watched. She paused, listening, all of her senses on hyper alert, making note of all the things she could hear, and she realized that the one thing that she couldn’t hear was the sound of her parents heavy breathing, in fact she couldn’t hear any breathing. She ran into her parents’ room to find that they were gone. She immediately reached under their mattress to make sure it was still there. She breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled out the long slender box made of bamboo.

She remembered the advice that her parents gave her only nights ago, “If anything should happen to either of us,” her dad had said, indicating to her mother, “reach under our mattress and you will find a box, open it and everything you will need to help you will be inside that box.”

“Ok? But why should anything happen to just you? Why wont anything happen to me? Who is after you? What’s going on that I don’t know about? Why haven’t you told me?!” she inquired, he voice gradually getting louder as she spoke. She was trembling as tears of hurt and fear rolled down her cheeks.

“We didn’t know until recently, sweetie. All we wanted was for you not to be anxious over us and start freaking out. Don’t worry I’m sure everything will be just fine.” Her dad explained calmly as he reached over to pat her shoulder.

“But why, Dad? Why? Why us? Why is it always us!? Why is it always our fault?! I want answers! I’m tired of wandering around in the dark, I’m tired of just not knowing, I need answers!” the girl exclaimed trying to recompose herself but failed and a fresh new batch of tears streamed silently down her face.

“I don’t know Sydney; I wish I knew. I really wish that I had answers. But sometimes you have to live your whole life without knowing, I know that’s frustrating, but that’s life Sydney Grace.” Her dad turned and she buried her head into his shoulder as her mother came and gently patted her back, whispering encouraging words.

The sound of someone knocking at the door drew her out of her flashback. She got up warily, quietly walking down the hallway, wondering who it might be. When she got to the door a familiar silhouette showed through the window. She opened the door and smiled at her best friend, who just happened to be her secret crush, Peter.

“Hey Syd, what’s for breakfast?” he asked walking in, and then turned around, confused. “Wait where are your parents? What happened?”

“Well I’m not sure, all I know is that when I got up this morning and they were gone.” A sudden flame of hard determination blazed in her eyes and lit up her face. “But I’ve decided that if they aren’t back soon, I’m going after them. I’ll do whatever it takes to get them back.”

“You aren’t doing that alone, are you? Because you know that I won’t let you do that, right?” Sydney’s face exploded with outrage, she opened her mouth to start yelling at Peter, but he cut her off; he looked at her with a cocky smile and said, “I’m going with you. After all, you need the protection. And what good is a heroine without a sidekick? But seriously, I’m not doing this for me; I’m doing this for you.”  He reached over and hugged her.

 After they had fixed themselves breakfast, they sat down and talked about where they were going. “I honestly have no idea where to start, the kidnappers left no clues, I- wait! Hold on, I’ll be right back!” Sydney exclaimed and ran into her parents’ bedroom with Peter following closely behind. She grabbed the box and said, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before!”

“Think of what?” Peter asked, looking very confused.

“My parents told me that if anything happened to them everything that I would need to help them would be in this box!” said Sydney her eyes glittering with excitement.

“Oh, ok, so do you think they knew what was going to happen? What do you think is in the box?” said Peter, looking excited. He had always loved adventure.

“I honestly have no idea what’s in the box, but I think they knew something was going to happen to them but they didn’t know what or when.” Sydney then opened the box and pulled out a map. “A map!? How is this going to help me!? What were my parents thinking!?” Tears pricked her eyes. “I don’t know what to do! Where do I go to look, how will I know if what I’m doing is the right thing to do? I don’t even know how to save them once I get there anyway!!!”

“It’s ok, Sydney; I’ll be there, right behind you, always watching your back. As for where to start, I have an idea.” Peter went to the desk in the far corner and turned on the computer. “Your dad told me to look up something before he…disappeared. He said to look up ‘the Rock’. Does that ring a bell?”

“No… but why did he tell you and not me?” Sydney’s face looked confused as she walked over to Peter and looked over his shoulder and gasped, shocked “Peter did you know about this?”

“ knew? I mean I knew your parents were good, but not that good!” Peter said, a look of complete shock and awe covered his face.

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