The One That Was Forgotten

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A short love story with a dramatic ending

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




The forest grew denser as the black car glided towards the Tennessee state line. Moments later, the car turned onto a gravel road and traveled until it came to a building, hidden in the dense forest, and once the car had parked, the driver then briskly crossed the parking lot and entered his pass code to unlock the door to the building. When the bushes behind him rustled, he stopped, stayed perfectly still, barely breathing, listening, waiting; he moved on only when the barely perceptible sound of a fox’s’ paws padding on the soft green grass was heard. He was greeted by a group of young men, all of whom where wearing suits and seemed to be in a very bad mood. The man walked into a room with a very organized desk, clean white carpet, and a large brown leather chair. There was a plaque on the desk with the name Chris Rosenbush. When Mr. Rosenbush had sat down and picked up the newspaper on his desk, a man in his twenties knocked on the door and asked in a very nervous voice, “M-Mr. Rosenbush, sir, m-may I come in? I have t-the papers from y-yesterday’s assessment.”

 Mr. Rosenbush grunted, not looking up from the newspaper. “Have you found them yet?” 

 “N-no, sir, not yet b-but we have a good lead on w-where the suspects might be.” The assistant stammered as he handed in the reports, “we will s-start our search as soon as possible t-tomorrow morning.”

 “Good, make sure that this time they don’t escape,” Mr. Rosenbush said with a menacing glare, “You know what happened last time”

 “Y-Yes, s-sir, it w-wont happen again” the young man gave a nervous smile and walked out, shutting the door behind him.


A bright light shone through the small window above a very old tattered mattress. A teenaged girl stirred, annoyed by the light. She lifted her head and threw her pillow over it to try and block out the light. She grew restless and gave up on trying to go back to sleep. As she got up her matted, normally sleek, long, black hair fell in her face. She parted it and withdrew a very old hairbrush. She brushed her hair, with much difficulty, back into a ponytail and went to go get breakfast. As she walked down the hallway, something made the hair on the back of her neck standup, as though she were being watched. She paused, listening, all of her senses on hyper alert, making note of all the things she could hear, and she realized that the one thing that she couldn’t hear was the sound of her parents heavy breathing, in fact she couldn’t hear any breathing. She ran into her parents’ room to find that they were gone. She immediately reached under their mattress to make sure it was still there. She breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled out the long slender box made of bamboo.

She remembered the advice that her parents gave her only nights ago, “If anything should happen to either of us,” her dad had said, indicating to her mother, “reach under our mattress and you will find a box, open it and everything you will need to help you will be inside that box.”

“Ok? But why should anything happen to just you? Why wont anything happen to me? Who is after you? What’s going on that I don’t know about? Why haven’t you told me?!” she inquired, he voice gradually getting louder as she spoke. She was trembling as tears of hurt and fear rolled down her cheeks.

“We didn’t know until recently, sweetie. All we wanted was for you not to be anxious over us and start freaking out. Don’t worry I’m sure everything will be just fine.” Her dad explained calmly as he reached over to pat her shoulder.

“But why, Dad? Why? Why us? Why is it always us!? Why is it always our fault?! I want answers! I’m tired of wandering around in the dark, I’m tired of just not knowing, I need answers!” the girl exclaimed trying to recompose herself but failed and a fresh new batch of tears streamed silently down her face.

“I don’t know Sydney; I wish I knew. I really wish that I had answers. But sometimes you have to live your whole life without knowing, I know that’s frustrating, but that’s life Sydney Grace.” Her dad turned and she buried her head into his shoulder as her mother came and gently patted her back, whispering encouraging words.

The sound of someone knocking at the door drew her out of her flashback. She got up warily, quietly walking down the hallway, wondering who it might be. When she got to the door a familiar silhouette showed through the window. She opened the door and smiled at her best friend, who just happened to be her secret crush, Peter.

“Hey Syd, what’s for breakfast?” he asked walking in, and then turned around, confused. “Wait where are your parents? What happened?”

“Well I’m not sure, all I know is that when I got up this morning and they were gone.” A sudden flame of hard determination blazed in her eyes and lit up her face. “But I’ve decided that if they aren’t back soon, I’m going after them. I’ll do whatever it takes to get them back.”

“You aren’t doing that alone, are you? Because you know that I won’t let you do that, right?” Sydney’s face exploded with outrage, she opened her mouth to start yelling at Peter, but he cut her off; he looked at her with a cocky smile and said, “I’m going with you. After all, you need the protection. And what good is a heroine without a sidekick? But seriously, I’m not doing this for me; I’m doing this for you.”  He reached over and hugged her.

 After they had fixed themselves breakfast, they sat down and talked about where they were going. “I honestly have no idea where to start, the kidnappers left no clues, I- wait! Hold on, I’ll be right back!” Sydney exclaimed and ran into her parents’ bedroom with Peter following closely behind. She grabbed the box and said, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before!”

“Think of what?” Peter asked, looking very confused.

“My parents told me that if anything happened to them everything that I would need to help them would be in this box!” said Sydney her eyes glittering with excitement.

“Oh, ok, so do you think they knew what was going to happen? What do you think is in the box?” said Peter, looking excited. He had always loved adventure.

“I honestly have no idea what’s in the box, but I think they knew something was going to happen to them but they didn’t know what or when.” Sydney then opened the box and pulled out a map. “A map!? How is this going to help me!? What were my parents thinking!?” Tears pricked her eyes. “I don’t know what to do! Where do I go to look, how will I know if what I’m doing is the right thing to do? I don’t even know how to save them once I get there anyway!!!”

“It’s ok, Sydney; I’ll be there, right behind you, always watching your back. As for where to start, I have an idea.” Peter went to the desk in the far corner and turned on the computer. “Your dad told me to look up something before he…disappeared. He said to look up ‘the Rock’. Does that ring a bell?”

“No… but why did he tell you and not me?” Sydney’s face looked confused as she walked over to Peter and looked over his shoulder and gasped, shocked “Peter did you know about this?”

“ knew? I mean I knew your parents were good, but not that good!” Peter said, a look of complete shock and awe covered his face.

A man threw Sydney’s parents onto the floor of what looked like a prison cell and handcuffed them to a metal pole in an otherwise barren room. Mr. Rosenbush walked in with a smile on his face that didn’t reach his eyes, “Hello George, Angelina. I believe we have some catching up to do.”

“You! I should have known! You’ll pay for this, Rosenbush!” George lunged, but was stopped by the handcuff and metal pole.

“Yes of course it was me! Who else hates you enough to hunt you down and take you in for torture? However, I doubt that I’ll ‘pay’ for what I’m doing, I’ve already paid my time in prison!” Anger flared in Mr. Rosenbush’s eyes, the painful memories of his twenty years of jail came flooding back. “Too bad you two don’t have kids….it would be fun to torture them in front of you…” Mr. Rosenbush glanced at the pair of them and caught the glance between George and Angelina. “Well, I had better go, got lots of planning to do”

After he had left Angelina turned toward her husband and asked, “How does he not know?” A look of fear flickered in her eyes.

“I don’t know, but right now, all we can hope for is that Peter and Sydney are on their way.” George put his arm around his wife comfortingly and as the full moon shone through the window, they made a plan.


Peter looked at Sydney and said, “Did you know your parents are ex-Secret Service agents?! That’s beyond cool, that’s amazing!!” as he looked at her with awe-clouded eyes.

“I knew that they worked for the government a long time ago, but I didn’t know that they put this Rosenbush guy in jail! I can’t imagine my parents doing that!” Sydney’s eyes glazed over with curiosity, “I just got an idea! Does it say where his office is and when he gets out? The Rock looks like it has been expired, it says that the court case was around twenty years ago… what is The Rock exactly?”

“From what I can gather from Google, it looks like this Rosenbush guy got some sort of pact saying that he was going over to the Middle East and called the whole military operation Rock. They were going over to eliminate unfriendly forces and apparently he turned into a terrorist. He later planned to kill the president, but your mom and dad caught him before he actually got to the president. But his office is really close; it’s only a few hours away by car. He got out a few weeks ago. Let’s get a car and leave now!” Peter’s eyes glowed with anticipation. He printed out the directions to the office.

“Yeah! I’ll get the keys, you go and get into the Civic. Oh and Peter, thanks, I never could have done this without you.” Sydney’s eyes glowed with appreciation

“Hey, no problem, you’re my best friend, I’d never do that to you!” he leaned over and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be there for you, always.” He smiled and headed toward the garage.

Sydney froze with shock; her face shining with happiness as she grabbed the keys, directions, and the laptop. Her heart was beating really fast, she realized she never wanted to leave his side, and if anything happened to him, she would never love a guy ever again. She walked down the hallway and into the garage. She stopped just before opening the door and thought If we both get out of this alive, I will tell him how much I like him. With a plan in mind, she climbed into the car and they were off.

They talked the whole way there, Peter looked up the blueprints to the building and made up a plan while Sydney drove and listened intently. When they arrived, they found an air conditioning duct and climbed in. Using the ropes that happened to be in the back of the car, they climbed around the building, looking for the room George and Angelina were being held hostage in. They were over an empty office when Peter stopped Sydney. With an anxious look in his eyes he whispered, “Sydney, I have something to tell you.” He had been waiting all day to tell her his secret, the only one he had kept from her for so long.

“Ok? Um, can it wait till we find my parents and get out of here?” Sydney asked, her body tingling with adrenaline, “I don’t mean to sound mean, but I really just want to know that they are ok.” She turned back around to continue crawling, she glanced back to make sure he was following her. She saw the look on his face and immediately regretted her words. Now she was itching to know what he wanted to say, but she had her parents to find. I can’t let Peter or anyone else get in the way of finding my parents, she told herself.

“Yeah, sure,” Said Peter, looking rejected. He felt an urge to pull her back around, to make her sit and listen to what he wanted to tell her, but then, a loud creaking sound echoed in the duct, and Peter and Sydney fell through the roof into Mr. Rosenbush’s office. Alarms blared from every room, red lights flashed, as men raced towards the room Peter and Sydney where in. Men with guns kicked down the door, Peter and Sydney, hiding under the desk, held their breath, praying that they wouldn’t get caught. The men found them quickly, and threw them on the floor, and as they were getting up, Mr. Rosenbush walked into his office. A smiled appeared on his face. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite double agent.”

Sydney glanced up at Peter, confusion written all over her face; Peter looked at her with sadness and guilt. Sydney couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Don’t play games with her heart Peter; she wouldn’t love you anyway. No one would love a double agent like you.” Rosenbush sneered, “I mean, you even sold out her parents, how could she forgive you for that?”

Peter remembered that night; he was alone, as usual, in his house. A knock on the door sounded and he ran to get it. He opened the door to a man in a suit, asking for his parents. Peter said they were away and to come back later. The men insisted on entering, so Peter grudgingly let him. They started talking about who he knew, and the men was so kind, so understanding, Peter soon began to trust him. Peter soon spilled his whole personal life to the mysterious man, telling him everything from what he aspired to be, to his deepest secret, his love for Sydney. Peter then realized his captor, was the same man as the other day, he mentally kicked himself for trusting a traitor.

“You did what?!” Sydney exclaimed, hurt confusion etched across her face

“I didn’t do it on purpose! They asked if I knew any ex spies and I told them about your parents, what else was I supposed to do!?” cried Peter, anger glinted in his eyes.

“Well, how did you know that they were spies in the first place?! I mean, you didn’t even know till you where at my house, just a few hours ago!” Sydney’s eyes clouded with hurt as she said, “He’s right you know,” nodding to Rosenbush, “How can I ever trust you again after what you’ve done? I thought I knew you, but the Peter I knew never would have sold out my parents.” She glared at Peter

Peter just stared at her, tears welt up in his eyes; he turned, not letting her see the sadness of his mistake flow down his face.

“Well, that was unexpected, eh Peter?” laugh Mr. Rosenbush, “take them to cell 14, and Sydney needs to be put facing the window, please” Mr. Rosenbush smiled evilly, watching his prey being lead away, like the lamb to the slaughter.


As the men walked, Peter kept trying to get Sydney’s attention, but Sydney ignored him. She wanted nothing to do with that traitor. They finally put them in a room with chairs stuck to a wall. They put Peter in the chairs to where his front was facing the wall. Then they chained Sydney in facing a large glass window, it was slightly higher than eye level. Then one of the men left and the other two guards stayed in the room, “No talking” said the bulkier one.

The two guards whispered to each other, Sydney strained to hear what they where saying. She caught words like “parents”, “torture”, “boss”, and “Peter”. The other guard returned a whip in his hand.

Sydney’s eyes grew wide as the guard uncoiled the whip. He turned towards her and flicked the whip in her direction. Pain seared through her back as the tip of the whip hit her. There was a clanging of metal against the wall; Sydney realized Peter was let out of his bindings. Another crack, another wave of unbearable pain. Peter remained silent, watching all of this, not trying to help her, not trying to stop her attacker. Sydney looked up and saw her parents in the window, both of them trying to break free and save their daughter. Sydney couldn’t help but think with resentment, how she would try to save Peter if he were in her position. But she guessed he didn’t feel the same about her, then her fathers voice echoed in her head, a Bible verse she had heard him say multiple times, Matthew 18:21-22, “ Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, ‘Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’ ”

Sydney heard Peter quietly gasping every time the whip hit her, as if it were hitting himself. She realized that she still loved Peter no matter what he had done. The whip cracked again, only this time, she didn’t feel pain. Confused, she turned her head and realized that Peter was back in chains, tears where flowing down his cheeks, the whip cracking down on his back. She started crying, she yelled, screamed, for them to stop hurting him. Peter turned toward her, his eyes glowed with appreciation, but there was a kind of edge to them, as if he knew why and what he was doing. He mouthed, “I love you” and with that he fell on his knee, his head hanging.

Sydney screamed, tears streaking down her face, she tried to break free of her chains but she wasn’t strong enough. Mr. Rosenbush walked in, triumph lighting up his face. Sydney screamed at him, begging him to let Peter go. Mr. Rosenbush just stood there smiling, not even flinching at the crack of the whip. Sydney’s cries seemed to make Mr. Rosenbush even happier, as if today was going perfectly. Mr. Rosenbush nodded to the man with the whip, signaling him to return his attention to Sydney. Sydney felt the crack of the whip, felt the tip cutting her flesh to ribbons. She thought of all the fun times she had experienced with Peter, and a fresh wave of tears erupted from her tear stained eyes. She glanced back at Peter, and noticed he hadn’t gotten back up. The thought of losing Peter terrified her. She willed him to get back up, to show some signs of life. Sydney couldn’t even feel the whip anymore, because she knew that he best friend, her only friend was gone.

 A loud crash sent millions of glass shards through the room, showering Sydney and the guard with the whip in glass shards. Mr. Rosenbush shrieked in outrage as George and Angelina over took the guards, and freed Sydney. Sydney went after Rosenbush, lunging at him to try and stop him from escaping. Rosenbush escaped out the door, leaving the rest of them trapped in the cell, but Sydney had gotten something from his pocket. She stared at her hand, a ring of keys glinted up at her, giving her a glimpse of hope. Sydney ran to Peter’s side, checking for a pulse, or something to show he was alive. Peter barely had a pulse; his breathing was erratic and shallow. George and Angelina were trying to break down the door when Sydney remembered the secret weapon in her pocket. She walked over to her parents and got the item out of her pocket. When she showed it to them, they where astonished. That’s when things seemed like they might be ok.  


Mr. Rosenbush ran from the cell in anger, and although he wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, he also ran with fear. He yelled at guards to go back to the cell and contain the prisoners. Better them than me, he thought, those guards are no match for George and Angelina, I hope they buy me enough time to escape. Rosenbush ran towards the exit, he scrambled past guards in an attempt to get himself as far away from his prisoners as possible. One of the guards stopped Rosenbush and asked, “Why are you running? Shouldn’t you be helping us re-capture your prisoners?”

“What did you say soldier?! Are you questioning my orders? Don’t you ever disobey me soldier! Get moving, you will be saving lives.” Rosenbush trembled with anger, furious thoughts filled his mind, how dare that ignorant, good for nothing soldier question my orders! I’m the one who gave him this well paying job, he should at least be thankful! Rosenbush dismissed the soldier and continued to run towards the exit, glancing back over his shoulder every so often, checking to see if the prisoners had somehow caught up with him. When he got to the hallway, he gasped. There is no way they got out! But, how? He felt his pockets for his keys, all he felt was an empty pocket.

Sydney handed her parents the keys and they quickly picked the lock. George grabbed Peter and they ran out the door. Angelina led the way, running through the corridors, looking for a quick exit. Sydney’s head ached, all she could think about is Peter, and how she may never get to tell him how much she loved him. Then Angelina stopped, and everyone froze. Sydney leaned out from behind her dad, looking to see why they had stopped. Rosenbush stood in the middle of the hallway, with a gun in his hand.

“So, you thought you could get away from me. Well let’s see about that.” Said Rosenbush with a creepy smile.

“Well, you are the one who’s running from us…” Sydney pointed out.

Rosenbush just glared at Sydney and said, “Well, I am also the one with a gun. Therefore, I suggest you shut your mouth and do as I tell you.”

Sydney felt her anger boiling in her stomach. She wanted to give Rosenbush a lesson; she wanted to make it very clear that he shouldn’t even think about coming near them again.

“Come on now, there’s no need for shooting,” reasoned Angelina, “how about you let us drive Sydney and Peter to the hospital, get them all checked out, and let the kids go free. You can keep us in custody and do whatever you wish.”

“Whatever I wish? Now that’s a big promise there Ang, I hope you realize that.” Said Rosenbush.

“I do, and as long as the children go free, we are at your service.” Angelina begged

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” said Rosenbush, a smile crept onto his face, “you wont do me any good if you dead.” Everyone looked slightly confused, until the sound of a single gunshot wrung through out the hallway, and Angelina collapsed. Rosenbush laughed at the sight of their faces, and then he ran. George put Peter down and sprinted after Rosenbush, anger pounding through his veins. The only thing that was on George’s mind was revenge. Sydney ran up to her mom, the fear she was feeling was overpowering. She checked her mom for a pulse, nothing. She check Angelina to see if she was breathing, nothing. Sydney’s eyes filled with tears, she couldn’t believe what had just happened. She turned to check on Peter. Please, please let him still be alive. She thought as he grabbed his wrist, looking for a pulse. She felt a very slight pulse; she knew she had to get him out of there, and fast.

 She heard more gunshots coming from down the hall, Sydney jumped up, and she knew what she had to do. She ran after her dad, yelling his name. Sydney turned the corner and froze. Her dads back was to her, a gun was in his hands, pointing at the now life-less body of Mr. Rosenbush.

“Dad!” yelled Sydney

“Sydney!” exclaimed her father as he ran over to her, gathering her up in his arms. “Are you alright? Is you mother ok?” His eyes searched her face for an answer he already knew.

“I- I’m ok…Mom’s not though.” Sydney felt another batch of tears swell up in her eyes

“It’s going to be ok Sydney.” George led her back to where her mother was. When they approached the body, Sydney ran over to Peter, “Um, Dad? Peter needs to get to a hospital, now!”

“We can’t take them both…” George’s eyes glistened with sadness as he realized what he had to do. He walked over to his wife, and kissed her forehead. A single tear slid off his cheek and onto hers. He walked over to Peter, and picked him up, “Let’s go.” He whispered

Sydney and her father picked up their pace as they walked back to the car, they realized that the guards where still looking for them. Sydney sat in the back with peter as her father drove furiously, trying to get to a hospital in time.  They finally found a hospital, and rushed in. Sydney helped carry Peter in while George talked with the receptionist. The receptionist’s eyes lit up as George rapidly relayed their story. She called in one of the nurses, and they quickly came with a wheelchair to pick up Peter.

Sydney tried to follow, but George held her back, “You have to wait till he’s out of surgery.” He led her by the hand to one of the many uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room. They sat down, and just cried in each other’s arms. Sydney was surprised at her father’s display of emotion; she had never seen him cry before.

They waited for hours for news on Peter. Every time a doctor walked by, they sat up in anticipation, but the doctors never stopped. Finally, a doctor came by. He stopped and sat down by them, he had a positive look on his face, “Your friend Peter is doing great. He survived the surgery, something we weren’t sure he would be able to do. You may go and see him if you want.” He led Sydney and George into Peter’s room. The sight of Peter, lying on the bed, seemingly helpless wrenched her heart.

“Hey, Peter,” Sydney whispered, “How do you feel?”

“Much better, now that you’re here” Peter smiled, “Hey, Syd, you know what I wanted to tell you earlier?”

“Yes?” Sydney sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed his hand.

“Well, I just wanted to say, that, I love you. I have always loved you; I never meant to hurt you, or your parents. This is all my fault. Wait, where’s your mom?” Peter’s face fell as he saw the sadness on Sydney’s and George’s face.

“She…” George’s voice grew soft with sorrow, “She didn’t make it out Peter”

Peter’s face fell, first sorrow then anger shone in his eyes. Sydney looked at him, wanting nothing more than to hug him, but held back, knowing this wasn’t the right time.

“This is all my fault!” Peter’s voice echoed in the room, “I should have died in her place.”

“Peter! Don’t say that!” Sydney gasped, “It’s not your fault, it was a total accident, it wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“But this is all my fault, if I hadn’t talked to Rosenbush this never would have happened!” Peters hands were shaking, and the heart monitor was beeping faster.

A nurse walked in, “Excuse me, but I’m afraid you will have to go now, he isn’t ready for too much excitement.”

“Yes m’am.” Said George and he took Sydney’s hand and lead her out of Peter’s room.


“Dad?” Sydney asked as they got into the car to head to a hotel for the night

“Yes Sydney?”

“Do you blame Peter for what happened?” Sydney didn’t catch her father’s eye as he looked at her in shock

“No, I don’t.” he said gently, “he had no idea of the consequences and he didn’t intend for  any of this to happen.”

“But, he is the reason why Mom’s dead…” Sydney’s voice trailed off, “I can’t believe I trusted him.”

“Sydney, it wasn’t his fault…” George reached out and hugged her. “It’s going to be ok, I promise.”


Later that night while George was asleep, Sydney took the car and drove back to the hospital. She asked to see Peter one last time, they told her no, that she had to wait for visiting hours to open up again, but she persuaded the clerk to let her in. She walked into Peter’s room and he was asleep on the white hospital bed. She walked up to his bedside table and left him a note. It read

 “Dear Peter,

I know you didn’t mean to hurt my mom, but Dad and I have agreed that we can never look at you the same way again. I’m sorry, but we have to leave you, I can’t stand to be near my mother’s killer anymore. This is probably the last you will ever hear from me.




Sydney drove back to the hotel and slipped quietly back into her room. And was soon asleep. In the morning, she persuaded George to go home, that Peter was in safe hands, he was going to be fine here. George had this lingering thought  in the back of his head but he listened to his daughter, she was all he had left. They got home and soon everything was back to normal.


Peter had been crying for days now, lying in the hospital bed, getting better physically and breaking down mentally. He couldn’t believe Sydney would just leave him like that, and that George would let her. He felt anger at himself, at the things he had done, at Sydney for leaving him all alone. The hospital soon began noticing that he wasn’t eating and that he was becoming more and more depressed. They sent him to a mental hospital that could treat him better. Peter lay in his room so depressed. He wrote a suicide note and the last words were “The one that was forgotten” and the nurse found him hanging from his ceiling fan with the laces from his shoes.

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