The Pixie Sacrifice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

One pixie can save the world but will it cost her?

I was standing on the balcony in my room. I was just standing and watching the moon and stars above me. I loved how the moon and stars made my pale white skin look like it was glowing. I always loved midnight it's my favorite time of day. The end of one day but the start of another. My other friends disagree with me but I don't really care.

I hear a noise coming from the hallway. Then suddenly a knock on my door. I move to go open the door, when suddenly it opens on it's own to reveal my five friends Scarlett, Lilly, Erik, Ryan, and Jack, who I've secrectly liked since I was we were little. I went back to my balcony just to watch the stars. I felt someone's presence come join me but I didn't bother to look.

I knew that it would be Jack. His pale skin didn't glow like mine did. Jack just looked more human than he was. In reality all my friends and I were freaks in our own way. Jack was a vampire. Lilly was a fairy. Erik was a werewolf. Scarlett was a mermaid. Ryan was a worlock. I was a pixie. Each of us hated being freaks in the human world so our families sent all of us here.

We were all sent toMythical Creatures Academy (MCA). It's in Canada, which isn't far from mine and Jack's homes. Both of us livee in Washington state. I live in Spokane. Jack in Seattle. We're about four hours away from each other in a car ride but since we are mythical creatures it takes us only an hour to meet up.

MCA has been our homes since we were born. My parents thought it was odd that they had given birth to a pixie. I hated that my parents did not want me. I had been abondoned here weeks after I was born. The headmaster and headmistress took me in as their daughter. I owe my life to Isabella and Shane they cared for me when my own family would not.

\"Ivy, why are you glowing?\" Lilly asked.

\"It's that time of the month,\" Erik said with a snicker to the others.

\"Erik, you idiot. Ivy isn't PMSing. Her body's reacting to the moons monthly cycle. Whenever it's a full moon outside. Ivy is at her most powerful time of the month. So yes, in a way it is that time of the month,\" Scarlett explained to my clueless buddies.

\"So, she's pretty powerful right now?\" Erik asked.

\"Dear God, Erik. Did you not just hear Scarlett say that she's most powerful right now. She could probably whip your butt right now if she wanted,\" Jack said.

Oh no, Jack did not just say that to Erik. Crap, he really is trying to get me killed. There is no way in h-e-double hockey stick that I'm going to fight against a werewolf. I don't even have a good chance at surviving this.

\"Oh really. Am I hearing a challenge, Ive?\" Erik asked me.

\"Heck no. Are you kidding me? If I went against you I would get killed. Or you'd do so much damage to me that pixie magic wouldn't be able to help. Then Mr. Vampire, over here would have to turn me just so I could keep living. No thanks. I worship my pixie life. Thank you very much,\" I said.

\"Aww. Are you a chicken, Ive?\" Erik asked me.

\"No I'm not. I don't want to go off fighting one of my friends who happens to be a werewolf. It's not good for me or you. Besides, it's a full moon. Shouldn't you be in your dorm with the other wolves?\" I asked.

Just after, I asked that. The moon had risen up to the highest point in the sky. Tt was shining directly in front of Erik. I knew that this was not going to be good. I felt my eyes widen in horror as Erik shifted. Lilly and Scarlett let out screams.

Jack and Ryan started trying to protect us girls but they weren't strong enough. I was the only one who was. I pushed my wings away from my body. I grabbed Scarlett and Lilly and pulled them with me off the balcony.

\"Lilly, you have to use your wings!\" I yelled to her as I jumped off the balcony. Both of us grabbed one of Scarlett's arms. We took Scarlett to the lake that wasn't too far from my room. We dropped her into the water.

\"Lilly, go to my parents and tell them what's going on.I have to go back and help Jack and Ryan. If I don't make it, tell them that I love them,\" I told Lilly. I had gut wrentching feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn't going to make it out of this mess alive.

Lilly and quickly flew off to go find my parents. I knew that I was going to hurt my parents. Carlisle and Esme Ebony had taken me in as a baby and raised me as their own. Even though both of them were vampires, they took me in and raised me as the child that they could never have.

As I flew back to my room my tears started to fall. I knew that I was going to die and that not even being bitten by a vampire would save me from this death. I closed my eyes and took in as much power as I was going to need. I felt my energy get stronger as I flew towards my balcony.

I could see an explosion that came from my room. I flew faster to my room. I landed smoothly on the balcony. I could see that my dorm room was ruined. Everything had been thrown across the floor or overturned.

I saw that Erik was still a wolf and that he was fighting Jack. Ryan was behind Erik and hitting him with spells and trying to protect Jack from Erik's attacks. I watched as Erik jumped at Jack. I flew over to Jack and pushed out of the way. Erik ended up attacking me instead of Jack.

Erik just started clawing, biting, and tearing away at my skin. It was useless, though. I was still more powerful than he was at the moment so I had an advantage. I stood up and realized that Erik had to be stopped with a pixie attack.

\"Ryan, get Jack and yourself out of here. NOW!\" I screamed at Ryan. I knew that Jack would try to stay but Ryan would drag him out by his ears.

\"NO, IVY. I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!\" Jack shouted to me.

\"Jack, if you want to live. You'll do as I say. I know what I have to do. Just remember that I'll always love you,\" I said. I felt the tears sting and fall from my eyes. Jack wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

He put so much love and passion into that kiss. I knew that I was going to die. I returned the kiss. Jack tasted like honey and roses. I knew that I tasted like strawberries and lillies. After I pulled away from Jack, I rested my hand on his cheek.

\"Don't forget me,\" I whispered in his ear as I pushed him off the balcony. Ryan looked at me. I nodded my head to him before he jumped. I turned back to face Erik.

It was now me and the werewolf. No one else. I started to absorb more energy. I knew that I would have midnight blue and scarlett red swirl tattoos on my body from all of the energy that I was absorbing.

After I said the pixie spell. I held out the palms of my hands and let all of the power drain from my body into the energy ball that would soon stop Erik. The ball was really small but bigger in a matter of seconds it was a bright white.

Erik lunged himself at me but I launched the ball at him before he was half way to me. I immediatly collapsed on the ground as the ball collided with Erik. I could hear the faint screams of my name before I fell to the darkness known as death.

Submitted: July 13, 2010

© Copyright 2021 lillyrosenight. All rights reserved.

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to be honest. as your friend :) There are some parts in this that are kinda iffy, but yet some parts that are really good. I like the whole idea of it though. good job!

Tue, July 13th, 2010 7:12pm


Thanks. To be honest though, I wrote this last summer. I only recently found it and decided to post it here. =)

Wed, July 14th, 2010 4:37am


This was fun, but it sounds like it might work as a first chapter? My problem with it was the inconsistency in the details. Did the mermaid walk? How did she get into the room? If someone tastes like flowers, eww. Flowers, when eaten, don't usually taste good. Maybe I want it to be a first chapter because I want more.

Sun, September 1st, 2019 2:44pm

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