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Its about whats happening here in my homeland.
Bahrain Tv keeps on lying at the people by putting lie even though we were inisint they blame us just because sheat but this time it aint only sheae its even siney together now and forever because we all are humans we dont care about the religion or anything

Submitted: March 13, 2011

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Submitted: March 13, 2011



I'm a girl aged fifteen screen name Lil Miss Angel ,I'm a pure Bahraini girl who saw with her own eyes what happened 14th February Ali Moshaymea-People say death is only death, its normal,im talking to the king and saying ur majesty I say do u remember him.!?? Who him………. Do you remember Faisal..isnt he your son didn’t the people condulce you the bahraney people,siney and sheae wats the difference? But everyday some one is dying for example Ali Moshaymea. He was 23 years old and engaged to get married but God`s love to him made him a martyr in Arabic called (SHAHEEED). He gave his life to that boy whom was sixteen of age, the boy fell crying as a gunshot was in his leg, when everyone left him back Ali didn’t he went to him a tried carrying him and in that hero order he died with a gunshot in his backbone.Ali was a poor boy who worked and got around 200 a month, a pure Bahraini his last words where I will go there I will die but I will die for you so when you grow up you get a job and you don’t die from hunger.Crying gushes of tears for this ,Ali Moshaymea I hope you rest in peace we will never forget you..

16th of February Morning-Fadhel ALmatroook –They say cousins love each other soo much but they love friends even more.Fadhel Almatrook got a gun shot while he was in the walk to take the body of his friend Ali to the tomb,a gun shot hit him in his dead giving him enternal death.Fadhel was peaceful just crying for the death of his friend.Is it now a wrong thing to bury someone or to take him to the tomb. Evening –King talks on Bahrain TV he promised us to investigate about the death of those two people hope they rest in peace.We al walked around happily and decided to take over the roundabout with one thing we are asking to the government and it is that they give us Freedom and put Bahrainis first more than the foreign people.We all went to the roundabout with the teenagers doin everything they set camps and food and what I saw really hurt me they were all poor and we were giving them the food . 17th of February 3am-Ali Almoumen I hope he rests in peace woke me up telling me that he feels something breathless,then Mahmood came to us running seeeeeee,that’s when I saw them they were coming too many of them.I was looking I went and woke up Hassan and the martyr Ali Abutakey hope he rests in peace,we ran and ran I didn’t know were Ali was,Hassan held me and ran but then we lost sight of Mahmood just imagine 3am,they said they woke us up but we didn’t hear I didn’t hear either way 3am people are fast asleep.They took away the women and asked for a man to talk too for these women,that was when Isa Abdelhassan went, he said me I will go and when he went a Bahraini police man I wont say who threw a gunshot straight threw his brain killing him.They stayed there shooting the teenagers I remember the king saying once Teens of today future of tomorrow. 18th of February I would cry tears,tears and tears too many to count or to know about ,but when you lose the person you love or your son then you will feel. 6 martyrs are now that went people say they are 8 but I know only 7 those,who were good and great people, one of them was Abdelredha who fought for his 4 year old girl and 5 yeard old boy,he left them in this world with nothing.Being a father and being poor is the hardest thing in the world,I have two kids to raise but I have no money I work all day but the debts are too many. Id throw my shirt and be a martyr but you must take care of three lovers of mine,my daughter ,my son and my wife. He died fighting for them hoping that at least they will have a good future.We all thank the owner of AlMahd school for giving them a free school.Thank you very much and may god bless you.. 19th of February till 11th of March We took the roundabout we stayed there food and we even cleaned it every night before going to bed we made night ore and we even planted plants and made stuff.We wanted them to know we are Bahraini people we are dying everyday just because we asked for our rights isn’t it right to get food to take our children to school and give them good education.On 1st of March we got news thath Sheikh Khalifa bought the whole Bahrain bankin of Ponderosa nd City Centre with one bd,while we serve and die trying to a buy a land no less than 500,000 bd. At 11th while we were on a peaceful walk in riffa we just found fake Bahraini`s hitting us with logs which were bladed and knives they ran after the women and girls hitting them.I`d say the truth one huge extra ordinary fat man came after me with a log he hit and I fell to the ground I picked a big stone and hit him with it and I ran I was too scared from anything I just ran that’s when I saw something I didn’t like,was it true was that man hitting her ,I got really angry and with a dash I kicked him and gave him a push he was hitting my seven yer old cousin,I held her hand and ran pulling her,when this bahrani dude took us home,it was weird off him to take us in his car and ask were I live but he did and took us there.Thats the real bahrani people they are really good. At 10th of March something i cant believe happened that women came and she was yelling and she brought a dozen of men who started hitting the girls,that’s when they called the boys from the roundabout and they came to the save,imagine the gurls crying and yelling just imagine it,for heaven`s sake gurls who went to school to study that’s wat they get…

13th of February We told them wen we goo peacefully walking to riffa and if you attack us we will stop the money place working just imagine me being 15 and a gurl i got hit by a man who was as fat as an elephant he hit me with a log i threw a stone at his face and i ran away like how a cat runs away from the dog.They attacked us so we sat there peacefully we wanted peace and a good future for us and our children.They came 7 o`clock and started hitting us with guns and gases which weren't good.All these made us sick and sick and one more Martyr died his name is Ali Damastaney,he went back to god on 13th of february after being shot two times.This scene is always being shown him standing and then getting shot he gets up and then another shot and he dies,is that easy killing people,some people aint got no dignity.

14th of February Today morning im afraid,im on my nerves,whats gonna happen today,i feel sick,i dnt know why people like to lie i heard that Saudi Arabian army officers.Im scared about whats gonna happen are all the boys going to die,i wish if God just bless us or even the king and prevent more people dying for heaven`s sake 9 people died :( .

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