Final The missing piece story

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Its amazing.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



The missing piece

I wake up and I turn my head to the alarm clock to see it’s three am. This is the second night in a row I woken up at three am with stomach pains and hot flashes. The next thing I know, I’m out cold I can hear these voices. I see these two girls in a distance I think it’s just a dream till the old lady holding a baby say’s “Why did you do this? Why couldn’t you just be more careful?” My eyes quickly burst open to sunlight. Was it just a dream or is someone trying to contact me and tell me something.

I spent the whole day looking through family albums. I know I remember that lady from somewhere. Just that second I pick up a picture of me when I was four. The back of the picture says “Victoria and her grandmother, 1994”.  The lady was my grandmother. Is she trying to contact me? Is she in danger or am I? I gasp, I got really light headed and I needed to lie on the couch, but the second I put my head down I am in a white room. I look far but the room is covered in white mist and fog. I hear loud footsteps thud, thud, THUD they are getting closer. My grandma and that baby again. Grandma who’s the baby? “Hush my love we don’t have much time.” much time for what. “Find the missing piece to your puzzle I love you my dear.” She slowly drifts away in the fog and I am left stranded, cold and so confused. My missing puzzle hmmm…. Didn’t know I had a puzzle and was missing pieces.

Three days later I go see a psychologist about my weird dreams with my grandma and this baby. I’m walking down the street to my appointment and my tummy starts having this burning, stinging pain. I see all these people on the streets and say “good morning” but they don’t answer me back. These people need manners. I open the door and my jaw drops. Does this lady have enough stairs to her office?. My tummy feels like its dripping like water or sweat out of it. I get to her door the sign on the door reads “Doctor Mackenzie” I turn the knob and push the door open. Good morning Victoria I was expecting you. Well obviously she was expecting me I was the only one for an appointment at this time. I walk in her office I see all these family photos, File boxes, books, and a weird looking vase. “Please have a seat” I look at her nice leather couch and just plop myself on it like I was at home. “So Victoria what has been happening with you lately?” well I have been having these weird dreams of my grandma that died when I was four. In my dreams she’s holding this baby that I have never seen before it doesn’t look like it’s her like she’s dead she can’t have kids. “Victoria where’s your husband?” I’m not married I’m only in my early 20’s. “But you’re wearing a wedding band and a 9 carat diamond ring”. I look down at my hand and fiddle with the ring for a second, I look back up at Dr. Mackenzie and she gasped and jumped in the air. ”Victoria your tummy is GUSHING blood” I stand up and pull my shirt up. I had this long cut on my tummy with staples in it. How the hell did I get this? Doctor Mackenzie then puts her pen and note pad down. “I want you to go home figure out everything you forgot about in your life.” I look up at her “I want you to figure out where your husband is or went? And what that huge cut is from? Can you do that for me?” I had all these tears built up in my eyes and they were getting harder and harder to hold in. Sure I can try and I ran out her office. I ran down the street and it was like no one even noticed me bleeding or crying and screaming.

I see a man. A tall handsome man walking towards me in this bright white room but he isn’t alone he is walking with my grandma and that baby. They were all standing two feet in front of me and he walked up to me and grabbed my hand. He starts rubbing my hand and kissing it “please remember. Remember that shoe box we made with hearts and sparkles with our vows on them. That’s the solving piece to your puzzle baby.” I look up to him with tears in my eyes. Why aren’t you home with me? Who is that baby? Then they all smile and walk away from me and leave me crying, thinking about who I am. I woke up that morning at nine am. All I could think was “Gutta find that box.” I tore up under our bed and moved on to the closet I see this pink heart thing behind this HUGE box. I got grab a chair from the dining room and dragged it all the way to the closet. I drop the big box on the ground it has written on it “0-6 months” I grab the pink heart box. I stepped off the chair and sat on the floor. I slowly lifted the top off because I had no idea what was in there and I made it. It was all pictures of our wedding I started to cry when I saw the third picture in. It was a picture of a ultra sound and there was two little bodies an heads. I lay on the floor crying grabbing my gut how could I forget that? I picked up the mess and ran to Doctor Mackenzie’s.

I ran through the town and I felt like I was just running through people like I wasn’t real. I ran up the stairs and slammed open Doctor Mackenzie’s door. She looks at me “Are you ok dear? Your face is so red from crying and your tummy hasn’t stopped yet.” I look at her with this smirk on my face. I did it. I found all the missing pieces to my puzzle. She looks at me and smiles “Tell me your whole story then sense your problems started.” I am Victoria Smith and I am twenty two and I am married to a VERY handsome man. I was pregnant with twins but when my water broke the taxi was taking too long to get there so I started running to the hospital. When some drunk guy at three am hit me while I was running. The car accident made it so only one baby lived and I had to get a sea section. The old lady was my grandma asking me why I had to run while I was in labor and I wasn’t more careful. Right now non this is real I am just in a deep sleep and when I am done I will wake up to my loving husband and my beautiful new baby girl. Doctor Mackenzie smiles at me “Come give me a hug dear I am so proud.” As I got closer to her she started to fade away and the room was disappearing more and more.

I wake up to this loud screaming “CHARGE!” I wake up with a gasp of air and my husband crying holding my hand and kissing it. “She’s ALIVE!” everyone cheers and leaves me and my husband. I did it I remembered. He got up and left the room. Baby where are you going? I love you. He walks in with this baby in his arms “What would you like to name her?” I look at him and smile, I kissed his cheeck. I like the name Mackenzie. Yes. She is definitely a Mackenzie

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