How Cody & Tre' met.

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Side story to Our secret (chapter one) on how Codey and Tre met and started dating.

Submitted: November 27, 2013

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Submitted: November 27, 2013



Codey walked into the grociary stor. Conuela had the night off so he was going to have to make dinner for himself and Chad. It had to be quick too because Chad had to go for an interview for a new movie.

'He better have been going over the script' Chad thought throwing food into the cart and checking it off the list. 'Crap, does Chad need more makeup?' Codey asked himself walking toward the beauty section and texting Chad.

'Don't call it make up it sounds like I'm a girl!' Codey got quickly in reply.

'Then what should I call it?'

'I don't know just not make up.'

'Whatever anyway do you need more?'


'There was that so hard you didn't need to argue with me.'

'I AM  in school you knoe.'

'Young mn put your phone away right now!'

'You texted me first!'

'We're having past a tonight for dinner. Now put your phone away.'

Codey chuckled at their conversation and put his phone into his pocket. He looked at the makeup trying to figure out which one would be Chad's 'Color'. 

"Oh you don't need that." A tall man with dark skin said to Chad.

"Oh it's not for me." Chad said looking up at the person. He was wearing a green apron that said the stores name on it.

"Your girlfriend?" The man asked sounding a little disapointed. Codey chuckled.

"No I;m not seeing anyone. It's for my Godson who also happens to be my client."

"Oh!" The man said lighting up.

"I'm Codey." Codey annonced sticking out his hand.

"I'm Tre'." The man whos name is Tre' grabbed Codey's hand shaking it eagerly. Then Tre' looked away and continued to stock the shelves from a ox he was holding in his other hand.

"I take it you work here?"

"No. I just do this on my days off." Codey laughed but soon stopped when it apeared lke Tre' wasn't kidding. "Why?"

"Why not I have nothing etter to do besides very few people can reach the top shelves with out a latter."

Codey chuckled. "You're a strange person."

"I guess."

"Oh, yeah could you hand me that bottle up there?" Codey ask pointing all the way on the top of the shelf at some cover up that Chad usally buys.

"Oh, Yeah sure." Tre' reached over Codey with out even getting on his tipie toes and grabbed the bottle.

"Thanks." Codey said reaching for the bottle.

"Uh, Sure no problem."

"Well I have to go now see you later." Codey said putting the bottle in the baskit and walking away.

"Oh uh wait!" Tre' called out to Codey.

"Did I drop somthing?" Codey asked looking around on the ground.

"No, Uh, If you could wait a little while I change would you like to go out for coffee or somthihng with me?" Tre paused and put his free hand around hik kneck. "That is if you're not busy."

"Oh sure I guess I have some free time." Codey said with a smile. "I'll check out and wait for you outside."

"Okay! Great!" Tre' said excited. "I'll go get changed."

"Okay." Codey walked toward the check out counter with a smile on his face. 'Well at least he's cute.'


After that Codey gave Tre' his phone number and they met up several times. Soon Tre got up the courage and asked Codey out.

"Of course I will." Codey replyed with glee. Afterthey've been dating awhile (Way past 3rd base) Codey relized that he had no clue how old Tre' was.

"Oh I'm uh. 17." Tre' repled when asked on one of their dates.


Yeah... How old are you then?"

"32." Codey answered.

"Oh well I guess it would make sense that you're so shocked." Tre' laughed awkwardly. "We can still be together right? I mean even though it's a big age diffrence I still love you, and you love me too right?"

"Oh. Yeah I love you." Codey replyed still a bit shocked.

"Then it's fine right? Age doesn't matter when it comes to love."

"Yeah I guess that's right."

"So you wont brake up with me?" Tre' asked anxously.

"Of course not as long as you're dine with dating an old man like me."

"Great!" Tre' yelled hugging Codey. "Now lets go and find a nice place to relax." Tre said putting his arm around Codey and walking toward a hotel.

'I guess it's not that big of a deal as long as we're in love.' Codey smiled looking up at Tre' letting him lead him to the hotel.



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