Undeadly Thirst Facts and Lines

Undeadly Thirst Facts and Lines

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Here are the lines :D
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Here are the lines :D

Chapter1 (v.1) - Undeadly Thirst Facts and Lines

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Here are the lines :D

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2013




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Undeadly Thirst Lines and Facts

Is a Story about a 16 year old girl who's life changed after her attempt of trying to end her life. She is turned into a Vampire and finds out the truth. Her father was a vampire and her mother was seduced by him. The love they felt for each other was true love but others say it was all just the matter of compulsion. She is considered a very rare type of Vampire and so she is being chased by other Vampires who seek her strength. She is on a run for her life and meets some people who can help her. Being frozen at the age 16 and being chased by vampires she must learn to accept herself to strengthen her faith and hope of one day of finding a way to end it all. This story consist of death, falling in love, drama, tragedy and love triangles. The Story of a 16 year old girl who was once a human but then a vampire that changed the world of humanity and Vampires.


Haley Dawson

Age 16

Died: Nearly died of suicide which was made by Saline.

Who turned her: Saline

Considered as: No Title

Special Ability: Vervain does nothing to her. Ability to change a Vampire's title. Ability to turn a Vampire to a Human.

Human with Vampire blood of a Celestial then turned by a relict Vampire. Her Father was a Vampire and her mother was a human. Her father weakened her blood and used compulsion to forget him. He gave her to her mother’s sister. Because if she was to choose between her human life or her vampire life he knew that the Celestial Council would use her as there sacrifice to strengthen there clan. She will not be accepted by the clans because she was turned by a relict and yet she had Celestial blood in her veins. She isn't even considered a Zinc vampire. When the truth comes out that she has a very strong ability war between the Celestial and Relict vampires will only get worse. She will have to survive in her own but with a help of the last Zinc Vampires that were still alive. She deeply loves Mason but has sort feelings of Elijah. Another Male Zinc Vampire. She lives at a slum along with her friends Deila and Lucas

Human Hayley

Line One: According to Cole another child was found last night on the streets. She was about 7 years old and her blood is completely drained out of her body. It’s the same exact bite marks on the neck. Luke I think it’s time to convince the last survivors to leave this town! (Concerned, Worried)

Line Two: I know this place was where we were raised but just how many bodies you expect to fall until the government actually does something. We have to leave whether it’s leaving everything behind. (Angry, Concerned)

Line Three: There are no adults around because the government took them away from us. The Streets are full of nothing but junk. Our water system is even down. It just a matter of days all everyone here will die…

Vampire Hayley

Line One: I do not wish to leave them behind. Whether I am not one of them anymore they still need me especially the children they need a mother figure for them. Their parents were taken away from them just like me the others we have to rely on each other. I am not going to abandon them just because I am Vampire. (Depressed, Concerned)

Line Two: So you’re my father… I thought it was weird having dreams about you but all along it were because you put me under compulsion? How do I go on each day knowing my father abandoned me… (Depressed, Irritated)

Line Three: (Gasp) don’t you dare lay a hand on them! They are innocent let them be! It’s me you want so leave them and take me instead! (Angry)



Cole Dawson

Age 17

Considered As: Vampire Hunter

Special Ability: Martial Arts

Is Haley's brother although he still doesn’t know that she isn't really his sibling. He is a year older than her and is under compulsion of Haley's father along with his mother. When Haley turns into a Vampire the compulsion will break for him and his mother. Although because of his sister complex he can't have the heart to hurt her but he felt that they were still monster. He finds out later he is a Vampire Hunter.

Line One: One day I will catch those monsters who kill me father (Confident, irritated)

Line Two: One day this world is going to end but it can’t end like this. Until the day I see these children smiling and not starving then I don’t mind the world ending. (Concerned)

Line Three: Vampires are monsters either way but if my sister is one of them then I have to betray the hunters. She is the only person I have left in this world. I know there are only a few hunters left but I cannot betray my mother. I promised I’d protect Hayley even if I was to be killed (Angry)

Line Four: It’s my duty to protect Hayley but it isn’t my duty to protect all vampires. I will not hesitate to kill you Mason but because you’re important to Hayley then I will spare your life for now. You’re the one who killed my father I will never forgive you one day I will defeat you. Just you wait… (Annoyed, Angry)


Mason Dyles

Age: Frozen at the age 18 (133 years old)

Died: Year 1898 during the Spanish-American war.

Who Turned him: A Relict Vampire

Considered as: A Zinc Vampire due to him being able to consume bother animal and human blood.

Special Ability: Vervain cannot affect him.

Mason is one of the Zinc Vampires who consist of a special ability and has a death count of hundreds. He is considered as a vicious heartless Vampire. He is very stubborn and tends to lose his temper. He falls in love with Haley and she does as well. Mutual feelings but affected when another Male Zinc Vampire comes tumbling into the story somewhat leading Haley on and tried stealing her away.

Line One: I don’t give up no matter how many times I fall (Confident)

Line Two: I will (injured voice) I will kill you and all the other relict vampires as well! You hurt my family I will hurt you (still injured voice) arghh…. This wound will not kill me no matter how many times you tend to stab me I will not die until I see all of you dead! (Angry)

Line Three: (losing breath) I promise I will not die Hayley now go with Elijah and keep running. NOW RUN! (Losing breath while yelling)


Elijah Weyler

Age: Frozen at the age 19 (163 years old)

Died: year 1869 during the Red River Rebellion.

Who turned him: A Celestial Vampire

Considered as: A Zinc Vampire because he consumed human blood.

Special Ability: Predict the future and defense

Elijah has always hated being a vampire and tried countless times to be killed. Although his ability of defense protects him and has a massive effect of healing him. It's almost impossible for him to end his life be because of this ability. He comes across meeting Mason and Haley who have met a while back. He immediately declares his love for Haley because she resembles someone of his past. He believes she is this persons reincarnation. Instead he finds put she is just a doppelgänger. Still with finding out the truth he falls in love with her.

Line One: Are you Sure MASON?! If you really do love her then show me you do!! (Angry)

Line Two: I and Mason are enemies for eternity…We love the same women after all Hayley. Although I owe so much to him so until we see him again I will not lay a hand you…(Worried, Concerned)

Line Three: I made a promise to that women long ago…On her deathbed I promised her I will not love again but when I saw her I could resist…I am sorry annabeth I couldn’t keep the promise…(Sad)

Line Four: I will not hesitate to kill you Cole! You killed her! You killed Hayley! Your own SISTER! (Angry, losing it)


Kalazar Bromine

Age: Frozen at the age 32 (162 years old)

Died: Unknown

Who turned him: His Father fell in love with a Human so the father killed his mother to Strengthen his Vampire blood.

Considered as: A Celestial Vampire

Special Ability: Defense and restoring a humans blood.

He is Hayley's father and a part of the Celestial Council. His father was founder of the Celestial spirit. His father shamelessly killed Kal's mother so he could gain her ability. Which was passed down to Kalazar then to Hayley. Kalazar does not know that Hayley's mother was revived. Kalazar has been watching over Hayley but one night he wasn't able to protect Hayley and so she was in a middle of committing suicide do to a compulsion made by Saline head of the Relict Vampires. After her death he knew that the compulsion he put on her to forget him will vanish and she will remember everything.

Line One: My father is the founder of the Celestial Spirit yet he killed my mother…(worried)

Line Two: I have not strength to fight anymore. If I make another move I may just drop dead (weak)

Line Three: I have no such intention to kill my own daughter to gain her ability! I rather give up my soul then do that (Angry)

Line Four: I am against it! I will not allow you destroy the human’s lifestyle anymore! It’s bad enough that we are the main cause for their hunger! (Angry)


Ircabeth Bromine

Age: Frozen at the age 29 ( 45 years old)

Died: Childbirth due to the Vampire Legend of the relationship between a Vampire and human.

Who turned her: Saline Head of Relict Vampires.

Considered As: Relict Vampire

Special Ability: Vervain does the opposite effect and strengths her.

Ircabeth is under complete compulsion and was revived to be used as a weapon towards the Celestial Council. Ircabeth's human heart is locked up and when she sees Hayley she is able to remember little by little. In fear of hurting her she distances herself from Hayley.

Line One: Why is it that when I look at that girl I seem to not want to hurt her? (Concerned)

Line Two: For some odd reason I feel that I am doing something wrong (worried)

Line Three: arghh (losing breath) So your saying that she is my daughter! I nearly killed her….(voice fading)

Line Four: I will not ask to be revived but please look after her Kalazar after all she is our daughter.. (Happy but with a little sadness)


Saline Pierce

Age: 678 years old

Died: Born a vampire

Considered As: Relict Vampire

Special Ability: Compulsion towards Vampires and Humans even if they have consumed vervain.

Saline is one of the eldest and original vampire. Her blood if Vampirism flows within millions of victims. Legend says if she was to be killed the blood in the victims would purify and choose whether to be a Celestial Vampire or a Human being. She was born evil, raised evil and loves evil. She feeds to kill anyone who gets in her way. Even if that person was one if her followers she wouldn't hold back. Celestial Vampires fight to end her completely but she works along with some original Vampires as well. She does not seek Hayley's power but find it amusing torturing her. She uses Ircabeth as her puppet for her games. She is sired to Gin.

Line One: Heh I think her transformation will be complete in just a matter of moments. (Teasing)

Line Two: I do not seek her powers because I do not wish for such strength. I just love playing games that is all (Laugh evil) (talking sly)

Line Three: I killed hundreds no wait thousands haha you think I care if I killed you? (Teasing)

Line Four: It’s true that if I die then all the people I turned will as well. So don’t be hesitant in killing me I don’t mind watching hundreds of Vampires falling to their deaths…(Evil voice) You honestly think dear Vampire hunter that killing all the Originals will end world hunger? Please what we vampires did was a permanent doing… (Teasing)


Gin Kavanaguh

Age: 767 years old

Died: Born a Vampire

Considered as: Relict Vampire

Special Ability: Siring Vampires, Instant Death.

Gin is the first oldest vampire. It was once a legend that he fed on Vampires to gain the power to kill anyone instantly. He sired Saline to do all his dirty work. He undesirably wants Haley as his own. He doesn't only seek her power but seem to have a very strong liking to her. He uses his power to try to win her heart. He is a foolish person and is childlike. He is the leader of all Relict Vampires. He doesn't use his ability that Instant kill. He feeds on humans but doesn't kill them. He is really a soft heart person but has the look of being fearless. The legend of him feeding on vampires was a false assumption.

Line One: Honestly I have never killed a vampire in my life it was all Saline she does the dirty work. Do you really think I would dirty my hands my dear girl (Flirty, Sarcasm)

Line Two: Gee Saline do you have to bring your food here? The only blood I drink is of criminals I do not wish to see you bring these kinds here (disgusted with a bit of childlike voice)

Line Three: Awwh this is boring I thought I had more of a fight…Celestial Vampires are so weak honestly… (teasing)

Line Four: Even if I died the Vampires I turned won’t die because my blood is shared with a vampire who has been asleep for ages. (Childlike Voice)


Alice Salvatore

Age: Frozen at the age 15 (99 years old

Died: Year 1914 she was raped by her boyfriend.

Who turned her: Gin

Considered As: Relict Vampire

Special Ability: Secretly able to drink any blood.

Alice hates human men. After her death she always seduces men and kills them. She was living in the fear of being taken advantage of. She really loves Elijah but is afraid of saying it. She fears that he will hurt her. So she is aggressive and very disobedient. She tends to hurt people physically but not intentionally. Out of hate she was marked as a Vicious and most wanted Relict Vampire. She hates Gin for saving her and she tried countless times to kill herself. Failed attempts she runs for a living. She comes across meeting Hayley and has the urge to kill her. She will eventually ask Hayley for help hut in secret.

Line One: I can’t believe I am asking for this but I need your help Hayley (Irritated)

Line Two: Honestly I wish to end my life but because I have a person to protect then I’ll live a little longer… (Confident)

Line Three: I died when I was 15 years old my boyfriend took advantage of me…That is why I despise human males (Angry)

Line Four: I am actually like you Zinc vampires but keep it a secret okay.


Siren Cabot & Gale Cabot

Age: Both Frozen at the age 20

(234 years old)

Died: Both died in a train accident

Who turned them: Saline

Considered as: Zinc Vampires

Special Abilities: N/a

They are married while they were humans and when they turned they stayed together. They drink both animal and human blood because of that they are Zinc Vampires. They live freely and when they come across meeting Hayley they help her.

Siren’s Lines

Line One: We are the last Zinc Vampires from my clan we heard that you needed allies (Concerned)

Line Two: I despise being a Vampire but I must accept the fact that I am lucky because he others who died in the train accident died…that is why Alice we should cherish the lives given to us (Convincing)

Line Three: I on the other hand wish to end Relict Vampires because there the main reason for the humans lifestyle (Annoyed)

Gale’s Lines

Line One: I wish to kill this Saline she is the women who caused the train accident after all… (Angry)

Line Two: It’s the final battle…(Concerned)

Line Three: You do know what will happen if she fails right Siren? (Worried)


Tey Gospher

Age: 25

Role: Vampire Hunter

She was raised to be a Vampire hunter. Her father, husband and children were murdered along with her mother. She lives day and night revenging her family’s death. She is the last survivor if her clan.

Line One: So you’re the one who killed my family! (Angry)

Line Two: I promised myself I’d kill every vampire but I cannot keep that promise any longer…(Sad, Worried)

Line Three: So you’re saying that everytime a vampire hunter kills a vampire then there life will decrease? (Worried)


Sierra Dyles

Age: N/A

Considered as: Celestial Vampire

Sierra is Mason's mother but is forbidden to see or meet him. Mason does not know about her. She us not able to leave the Celestial Castle because her blood is very rare and other vampires seek for it.

Line One: My son he is doing what is right I am happy for him (Proud)

Line Two: I wish I could stand next to him right now but he will never forgive me… (Sad)

Line Three: My blood is what you seek then take mine and let my son live (Confident)


Darkine & Light

Age: N/A

She is the God of Vampires. She and her sister Light (God of Humans) combined there powers and passed it down to Haley. They have pure hearts and wish one day for the Vampire and humans to live in the same world.

Light’s Lines:

Line One: The life for humanity is going to end soon if we don’t do anything Darkine (Worried)

Line Two: Mother gave this task to us Darkine we musn’t take it lightly (Angry)

Line Three: Hayley me and my sister are your souls you must go back and save your friends (Scared, Worried)

Line Four: We will meet again Darkine… In the other world we must meet again (Dying voice)

Darkine Lines:

Line One: You know that if she revives herself then when she dies once more she cannot come back to life (Concerned)

Line Two: If she defeats them you know how it will end for us right? (Worried)

Line Three: Sister it looks like it’s our time to fade away (Sad)

Line Four : promise me Hayley you must cherish your last life…live it on has you wish (Dying voice)


Delia Salvador

Age: 15

Title: Hunter

Delia is a hunter but her powers were taken away because she refused to kill vampires. She is just your average teenager who attends school and cares for her grades. When her bestfriend Hayley becomes a Vampire she must protect her. Her parent’s whereabouts are unknown and Hayley promised that she will search for them. When Delia comes across meeting Elijah the hot vampire who loves Hayley she can't help but fall for him. Although she doesn't know that Elijah despises humans. When Haley bounds her soul with Delia no Vampire can touch her. Her blood was poisoned so vampires couldn't drink her blood.

Line One: I’ve finally lost it I fell in love with a Vampire (Laughs)

Line Two: I promise to protect her! She is my bestfriend! I will not hesitate to kill you! (Angry)

Line Three: Of course why didn’t I see it! I knew a Vampire can never love a human! (Angry)

Line Four: I was deceived…I am sorry Elijah I couldn’t protect her (Crying, losing breath)


Lucas Salvador

Age: 18

Title: Hunter

Lucas was born without a Hunter ability so he and his sister both are the extra branch if the family. Lucas and Hayley used to date. He despises vampires but having the girl he deeply loves is one how he will spare his heart. Hayley tells him that she always waited for him to return but she admits that she doesn't love him anymore. He also was bound to Hayley making him untouchable. In the middle of the series his powers will awaken…

Line One: I was born without my Vampire ability…so I do not have the power to kill them (Depressed)

Line Two: I will do anything to protect these children (Confident)

Line Three: I love her but I can no longer protect her (losing breath)

Line Four: Delia I have to tell you the truth mother and father were killed by Vampires… I am sorry I lied to you (Depressed)

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