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Isabelle is a young girl who is shy and only has one friend. One day her friend has to move away. Even though her friend was away they always kept in touch. Isabelle's grades started slipping and she got more and more depressed. When Isabelle and Christina finally find a chance to get together again, Christina gets sick. Isabelle goes on an adventure to find her friend and find out that her friend had died. She gets hurt and falls asleep and when she wakes up she finds everything was a dream, except for one piece of evidence that it all happened.

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008




Isabelle Carter was a young girl with auburn hair and eyes as deep of blue as the ocean. She was very nice, very obedient, and very shy. Being shy, she didn’t talk much to people, and not talking much got her only one friend. This one friend, Christina Miller, was the only one she ever actually opened up to. Isabelle told Christina everything, but one day Christina’s parents decided it was time they moved. So Christina packed up all her things and left, the moment she left it was as if the sunny autumn day, turned cloudy, dark, and rainy. Even being as far away as she was Christina always managed to keep in touch with Isabelle. Isabelle always did great in school, she always was happy, and always got her chores done on time, but lately she had been doing her schoolwork a little more sloppily, acted a little depressed, and her chores were always done two to five minutes late.

Isabelle was lonely during school and when it was time to do her chores it wasn’t the same, but when she got a piece of paper, and a pen, there was no way she was depressed. She would run into her room, grab a pen and some paper and write for hours at a time. She always felt as if Christina was right there with her the whole time. One snowy winter day Isabelle got a letter from Christina’s mom, Christina and Isabelle had talked to each others parents and had worked out a time on Christmas Eve that Christina was going to come and spend the night. But to Isabelle’s sad surprise the letter wrote:

  Dear Isabelle,

I’m sorry to say that Christina has fallen ill with pneumonia. She is predicted to be in the hospital for three weeks at least, meaning she will not be able to come over for Christmas Eve. We are all worried and hope you don’t get sick also for this year the pneumonia has been said to get so bad, it has killed over forty people just in our town.


Hearing this made Isabelle practically cry there was only two weeks till Christmas Eve and Christina was sick with a deadly disease. Then, Isabelle thought to herself, she thought, “What if I were to go to Christina?” So she asked her parents, who approved, packed her things and left. She was going for what seemed like days but was only three hours. Then all of a sudden the carriage came to a stop. The coach said “Alright miss now if you take this train it should take you where you’re going” and let her off. She went inside the station and asked the woman at the desk for a ticket and the woman said “Are you sure, because the train has been delayed on its way here” at this Isabelle was extremely sad but held in her tears and said “No thank you I cannot wait that long” and left. The train was going to be late but Isabelle was not ready to give up now, but she had no transportation, how was she to get to her sick friend in time for Christmas? Then, she quickly thought, I will walk to her. She picked up her things and walked outside; it was freezing cold, so she put on her coat and started on her journey to Christina.

She walked for what seemed like years then finally decided to take a rest. When she got up and started walking again it started to snow. She quickly put on her gloves to keep from getting frostbite. After a while the snow started going harder so she put on her scarf. After only a few hours or so the small snowstorm turned into a blizzard. She was so cold, and the storm was so rough, she decided to take a small rest in a small nearby cabin. To her surprise the cabin was empty and unlocked. She went in and rested on the floor but when she woke up the door wouldn’t open, she was snowed in. How was she to get to Christina now? She hit the door but it didn’t work it took three days at least for her to get out and by then she had a small cold. She probably shouldn’t have gone back outside but she only had four more days to get to Christina if she were to make it in time for Christmas Eve. She walked and walked and got sicker and sicker eventually she got pneumonia herself. Even knowing that she faced death walking in a snow storm (which had calmed down to a mild blizzard) in her condition, she was not ready to give up yet.

She walked for so long she was getting dizzy, but she saw Christina’s house, she was almost there. By time she got there she was barely breathing, but soon found out that she was doing better than her friend Christina who was now dead. But she didn’t find that out by Christina’s parents but by a newspaper she found from two days ago, the house was an illusion, made from her need to find Christina, although the newspaper, saying Christina had died, was very real and made Isabelle cry. It was so cold, that as they dropped off of her face, the tears froze. By then she could barely even move. As she pulled herself across the snow covered field she started to fall, she didn’t know why, but she was falling.

When she woke up she was at the bottom of a hill that looked as if it went up for miles and miles. She had a small cut on her head from the fall, but that was the least of her problems, she tried to get up but she couldn’t move her legs, finally she found she was halfway frozen, from her waist down, she couldn’t move. As she lay there not able to move, barely able to breath, she fell asleep. She dreamed of Christina and her, she dreamed of all the fun they had and everything they went through, then she dreamed of Christina moving, and how she got sick and had died. Then when Isabelle finally woke, she found, it was all a dream. Christina had not died nor moved, and Isabelle never left to find Christina, it had all been a dream, “But” she thought “It all seemed so real” then when she looked in the mirror, there was a small cut, on her head.


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