The Bank!

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Hey have you heard about the Spy business? Hopefully you haven't or else it will ruin this story! Just kidding it will help you understand the story better. Well any way my name is Yasmin Colemem, and I have a great adventure for you, but don't spoil the story. Help me figure out what is going on at my job. Thanks.

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



The bank.
One morning I woke up and got ready for work. I work at the bank. My name is Yasmin Collins (Jasmine Collins), I am only 16. My job is very complicated having to do this “Banking”.
As I walked into the “Bank” a shocked look came over my face, this building was packed with, I could have sworn 10 million people. There were police men, firemen, and news reporters. So I squeezed through the very large crowd to get to my desk when my boss stopped me before I even got passed the news reporters. He took me in to his office and started yelling at me.“DID YOU TELL ANYONE OUR SECRET!!!?” I replied in a little bit of a whiny voice,” NO! Why would I want to blow the secret, I love this place and would do nothing to ruin it!” He gave me that You- Tell-Me-Who-Did-It-Or-You’re-Dismissed look. I replied to his look, and told him,” I think that it was Joe, because he told me that he hated this place, and that he would do anything to destroy it.” Joe is an old man, with a white beard. He has no hair on his head. Personally I think he is really creepy.
After we had cleared out all the people, and told them that it was just a joke. Well of course I had to grab Joe and put him in Mr. Myers’s office and I had to watch him until everyone left.
So that day we closed early and as soon as Mr. Myers said go home, Joe ran out the door as fast as he could. This looked really suspicious to me, so that day I followed him home and found some really interesting facts about him. This is really creepy I looked in his window and found some old spy gear, that I have no clue how to use, or if they even work. I have never seen so much spy gear in my entire time training as a spy, 4 years.
So I went back to my house to try to figure out what he was up to. I wanted to tell Mr. Myers, but he would think that I was trying to get him fired, or maybe not. A few minutes later my mom came and knocked on my door very lightly, not a knock of reminder, but a knock of worry. She asked sounding very worried, “Are you ok in there? You just sort of ran quickly in to your room, and didn’t even say hello.”
“I’m ok, just doing homework. Why are you asking?” I replied to her worried question.
“Nothing just wondering.”
After I answered her question, I kind of giggled to my self because I wasn’t actually doing my homework I was trying to figure out what Joe was up to.
So if he had old spy gear in his house than he is probably going to use somehow, to destroy the “Bank,” Or is just going to go polish them and give them back to the Head Spy. Nah! This would only mean one thing; I would have to ask for permission from Mr. Myers to investigate Joe’s reaction.
The next day I went work and just as I suspected Joe ran to Mr. Myers’s office to do something. I hope he isn’t getting fired, than that gives him a reason to attack the spy network. So I ran to my desk, as quick as I could. It was about 20 minutes later and Joe finally walked out the office. But the weird thing was Mr. Myers wasn’t there. So what was he doing in his office?
I was so relieved when Mr. Myers came into the building. He came right up to me and asked me, “Did you see Joe do anything today, or yesterday. If you did, come to my office immediately.” So I went to his office and told him what I saw in Joe’s house. Mr. Myers had this AH-I-KNEW-IT! Look on his face. He later than said, “Will you do a secret mission for me? I want you to search his house for any blueprints, or anything else, but do it when he is not there the way you can do this is, right now, go put these mini cameras in his house, and if it is locked than use this key to every employees house in the company. Than put one in every room, hallway and window. He won’t be able to see it because it automatically goes invisible when it touches a surface don’t worry I will tell everyone that you went to the store to get me a large list of thing that I need.”
I left his office and went to my locker to get my keys to my car, and then I headed out the door. I took a left on Main Street, and sure enough there was his house, all in lock down. I approached his house and stepped on his property and approached the door. I inserted the key into the key hole, the door swung open; I walked in kind of cautious. Because maybe he knew that we were coming and set a trap. I walked into the living room and put 4 cameras there. I then stepped into the kitchen and placed 6 cameras there.
Once I stepped into, I am guessing, his room. I placed 1 on the window and I was walking out of his room and the next thing knew I was struck by a falling cage and was passed out.
5 hours later Joe came running in the door, and violently swung the door to his room open. He chuckled, then said,” I knew that was you in the window yesterday, but YOU, a new trainee. HA! I thought that you asked someone else to do it for you.Well any way you can’t stop me now. I will go expose the “Banks” secret! HA! HA! HA! HA!”
I finally gathered my thoughts back and waited for him to leave and then I reached into my pocket, grabbed my cutting laser lipstick. I started to cut through the bars. Joe walked in and threw something at me and I instantly fell on the floor unconscious.1 hour later I woke up and I was in what looked like a torture chamber/ secret lab. Joe was at a computer and was entering codes that were on the blueprints sitting next to him.
He was turned around and I reached for my laser, once more. Then I cut the hand cuffs off my hands. I still left them on but they weren’t really on me. He chuckled and then ran up the stairs on the other side of the enormous room. I quickly took the hand cuffs off, and ran up the stairs after him. He was already in his car and off. I jumped in my car and drove fairly quickly down the road. No cops stopped me, because, one of them was my dad, Officer Collins.
Joe ran into the bank and jumped up the stairs, flung the doors open and ran into Mr. Myers’s office. I too did the same thing, but when I got to the office it was locked. “Shoot! he’s in there! Wait I still have my key.” I slid the key into key slot. It worked. I sprung into the office, Joe had a Rope around Mr. Myers’s neck. I jumped and took a knife from my pocket and cut the rope off. I shoved Joe into the corner, and Mr. Myers ran out the office and grabbed his laser stun ray. He shot Joe. Joe immediately fell to the ground stunned. I ran to my office and grabbed my handcuffs. I put them on to his hands, and dragged him out of the building.
I reached for my cell phone, dialed my dads number, and then I waited for him to arrive. He pulled up in his blue and white car, while the lights were flashing. My dad told me with this I’m-Proud-of-You look on his face, “Well I guess the training that I taught you, really paid off.”
“Well that’s what you get for training me so well.” I answered with a smile on my face.
Later that night I went to Mr. Myers’s house to talk to him about why the police showed up. I knocked gently on his door, because I was kind of worried about what he would ask me.
“Ah. Yasmin, come in, come in.” As he opened the door as if he knew that I was coming. “So do you have any thing to do with the cops being there, earlier today?” He asked me in a suspicious tone.
“Yes I do. That cop, was my father, he doesn’t even know that I am a spy in training. He thinks that I work only at the bank. I just called him and told him I caught a robber, so he said that he would be right over. Is that wrong?”
“You’re sure that he doesn’t know your secret?”
“Ok, well any way. How did you know how to hand cuff someone while they are moving so much?”
“Well my dad is the head cop, and he told me if anyone you know is doing something against the laws, then he showed how to do it, I practiced on him first.”
“Well I think that I will promote you to assistant head leader of the network. What you did today was spectacular. So what do you say to that?” I stood there speechless, with my mouth hanging in mid-air.
I then caught my self, and replied,
“Sure, that sounds great. Do I get a new office?” He just sat there and chuckled his head off.
“Of course you get a new office, why would you stay in the same office when you are promoted?”
“Well I see your point. Thanks a lot. Well I better be going now and Thanks again!” I left his house and walked out to my car.
I walked the door of my house and my little brother jumped out at me and said, “What you going to do now, huh?” I reached over my shoulder and grabbed him by the shirt and threw him in the couch then I yelled, “You twerp! Why did you do that, you know I will tell dad and you’ll be in huge trouble, I had a very rough day, so don’t bother me, OR ELSE!” He looked back at me and looked like he was going to cry. “Don’t give me that look, I don’t care just leave me alone!”
Later that evening my parents came home, at the same time? That’s weird. What were they doing? O’ well. “Mom, Dad what are two doing home, and early for that matter?”
“Well,” mom began to say. “On the news there was a segment on a robber at the bank, so I took the rest of the day off to see if you were ok.”
“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Did they say a name that caught the person?”
“No, I don’t think they did. Why do you know something about it?”
“No, just wondering.”
“Ok, Jake, go to bed, you heard enough.”
“Ah mom, do I have to” He said in his usual whiny voice.
“Oh, alright.”
One morning I woke, and got ready for work.

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