Don't Look

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This horror tale is about a group of teenageers who find themselves in a killer manor that is filled with ghosts and noises. They were picked up by a stranger who tells them about another group of teenagers who stayed at the manor.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Don’t Look




It was a black rainy cold night as the winds blew the trees and rain. A group of teenagers were on their way to Black Art Manor for a weekend retreat. The winds blew and driving was getting more difficult because of the heavy rain. A lamp pole had fallen up ahead forcing the car off the road. The teens gasped as the car slid to the edge of the road. "That was close", Eden said. "Close wasn’t the term I was looking for", Josh said. "What do we do now", Chloe asked. "We wait until the rain slacks off", Josh said. "I hope I didn’t damage the car", Eden said. "We have a near death experience and all you care about it the car", Steve asked. "It’s my ass if something goes wrong with it", Eden said. Just then a shadow ran across the road. "Did you see that", Steve said. "See what", Josh said. "There was this thing that ran across the road", Steve said. "I didn’t see anything", Eden said. A branch started to break above them. "Slowly get out of the car", Josh said. "What, no way it’s raining out there", Eden said. "Hear that sound, there is a branch up above us and it’s cracking hard", Josh said. Everyone got out of the car with the rain still pouring down.

A truck by passing the teens slowed down to pick them up. The driver helped load their stuff up and gave them a lift to the manor. The driver was an older man with many wrinkles and had a fresh bandage on his hand. He had a boil on his forehead and dirty overalls. His fingernails were dirty and there appeared to be blood on his shirt. His teeth were partially missing. "You kids seemed to be out kind of late", he said. "Yeah well we have to get to the manor", Josh said. "Just curious but why the manor", the man asked. "Heard a few rumors that the place was pretty cool to hang out at", Josh said. "Oh there are rumors but none of them cool", the man said. "What rumors", Eden asked. "You kids aren’t from around here are you", the man asked. "Yeah, yeah, what rumors", Eden asked. "Oh I don’t want to bore you with rumors", the man said. "You brought up", Chloe said. "Well, the rumor", Eden asked. "Alright, a few years back there were a group of teenagers like yourselves that wanted to have this fun weekend at dark art manor and they were all killed except for one and she is a mental institution. Rumor has it there was a deranged killer on the loose targeting teenagers", the man said. "That’s horrible", Eden said. "Did they catch the killer", Steve asked. "No they never were caught", he said.

They finally arrive at the manor and the rain had slowed down enough for them to get their stuff and go inside. The end keeper was waiting for them. The old man said fair well to the teenagers and he pulled off. The manor was dark and very cold. The hall had very little lightening. There were spider webs in some of the corners. As they walked further down the long corridor a door slammed. They all had jumped. "You know we haven’t eaten a thing. I wonder if we could get something", Josh asked. "I don’t know but does anyone see our rooms", Steve asked. A cat made a screeching sound. "A person could become a nervous wreck in this place", Chloe said.

"Tell me about", Eden said.

They finally get to their rooms. Josh and Eden go into their room and notice that the room was cleaner than the hall. "I’ll call the desk and see about getting some food", Josh said. "I’m going to take a long hot shower", Eden said. Josh called the front desk and there was no answer. He drags out the phone book to order pizza and beer for everyone. Chloe and Steve got undressed and went into the shower together. The steam filled the bathroom unusually fast. They started to make love. All of a sudden the bathroom door swings open. Steve and Chloe continue to make love. That same black shadow that Steve had seen was now in their bathroom lurking over head. Steve happened to look up and started screaming. The shadow had disappeared. "What the hell Steve, we were right in the middle of the good part", Chloe complained. "I saw it again. That shadow was in here", Steve said panicking. "Well it’s gone now", Chloe said.

Meanwhile the pizza delivery guy shows up with the pizza. Josh and Steve walked down the long corridor to reach the front door to get the pizza. The pizza guy was so scared he almost dropped his money. He ran to his car. "What was with him", Josh asked. "Maybe he saw something", Steve said. "You know, you need to stop obsessing over that shadow", Josh said. "I’m not, I know what I saw", Steve said. They continue walking down the corridor. A faint apparition appeared before them. Josh and Steve started pounding on the door. Eden opened the door and the guys ran in. "What is with you two? First Steve and now You", Eden said. "I saw a ghost", Josh said. "A ghost", Eden asked. "Yeah a ghost", Steve said. I saw it too", Steve said. The girls look at the guys thinking that they are totally idiots.

They eat their pizza and talk and laugh. They didn’t have any beer so they drink wine instead. It was around midnight and they were still up drinking and talking and laughing. Around 3:00am they had all fallen to sleep. The walls start to pour blood and the lights start to flicker. The shadow had came back into the room where Steve and Chloe were sleeping. Chloe had gotten up to go to the bathroom and let out a blood-curdling scream. The bathtub was full of blood and a head was floating in the tub. She ran out of the bathroom screaming. Steve and Chloe banged on Josh and Eden’s door. Josh came to the door and asked them what was going on. "A head is in our tub, please let us stay in here with you guys", Chloe pleaded. "I’m sure there is no head in your tub. Your probably too wasted but come on in", Josh said. "Yeah well you weren’t wasted when you saw that ghost", Chloe said. Josh walked over to their room and it was clean as if nothing had been wrong. Steve and Chloe went back over to their room and it was clean. "Maybe we were seeing things", Chloe said. As the door slammed behind them they started beating on it trying to get out. The room filled with blood again. A swift breeze of air came through the room and everything was back to normal.

The sun was shinning and everything appeared to be normal. Chloe ruled everything that had happened as a mind game that the old man told them. It didn’t make sense to Steve. They went out on the grounds and looked around and decided they would go back to the road and look for their car. Josh and Steve found it and the broken branch was barely hanging over the car. Josh got into the car and backed it up and pulled up. They decided to go get some food for the rest of their stay and stock up on candles and emergency supplies. The girls were on the patio waiting on the guys. They get back with the car.

The day seemed to go pretty slow and nothing creepy had happened. As night started to approach the weird sounds and noises would come back. They ruled off as nothing and pretended it didn’t exist. The noises began to get louder. Steve and Chloe were getting uncomfortable. Josh and Eden told them to lighten up. As it got closer for Steve and Chloe to go to their room it was like fear had struck them. They made themselves go into their room. Steve and Chloe tried to relax. Sex seemed to relax them. They started to have sex and were really getting into when all of a sudden Chloe was sucked into the floor where there was a hole that had a light. Steve was so scared he pissed himself. He ran and clung on to the edge of the bed and he too was plunged into the hole screaming all the way down. The shadow had then left and was into Josh and Eden’s room. They were sleeping. A noise had awoken Josh and he had gone into the hall looking to see what it was. He could he demonic laughing and a baby crying. He crept down to Steve and Chloe’s room where he saw the hole in the bed. It was burnt black from the fiery hole. Josh ran out of their room back into his. As he approached the room the apparition he had seen the night before was back. This green ghastly figured had gotten more colorful and it’s light luminated as it got closer to him. Josh was frozen in fear. As Eden had gotten up she had seen the door was opened and peaked out the door. The ghastly apparition had turned to see Eden was watching and just then the apparition had pulled Josh’s eyes out of his head while blood was pouring to the floor and him screaming for mercy. Eden was screaming as well and starting running down the corridor. Josh was dropped to the floor and left for dead. Eden ran to the end of the hall where the door was locked. She was trapped and scared. Josh’s head was then decapitated and rolled down the corridor at Eden’s feet. The head said Eden run. Eden picked up a vase to break the glass window beside the door. She frantically tried to get out the noises grew louder and then the door opened. Eden got into her car and drove.

Eden was covered in blood and was scared. She drove until she made it back into the city where she checked into a hotel. She called her mother to come get her. Eden took a shower and only had the robe she had from the hotel on when her mother got there. Eden was in total shock. Her mother couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. By the next morning Eden was committed to the same hospital as the other girl that had stayed there before she did. The girl told Eden don’t look at the ghost they will kill you. That was the last word the girl had said to Eden and that was the last anyone heard from Eden.

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