Misunderstood 2

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Trying to submit a poem I already done and lost it. it's about how I seem to be misunderstood.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013






Sometimes I feel so lost in the world that I can’t seem to find my way. I stumble and fall and often wonder if I have a purpose. My eyes fill with tears when I think of all the times I have told the truth and were cut down by someone else’s lies. I have felt like that everything I have gone through has either has been a lie or was any of it real? I have been hurt so many times by people saying that they care and in the end I am the one who is used with a simple smile and a lie. I try to cover up the pain and hide how I feel inside. I wonder if the person that hurt me has a heart or if they even cared?

I don’t understand why I am the one who gets hurt and the one that no one ever cares to see until they want something. I don’t understand why I am misunderstood. I don’t understand why I don’t say the way I feel. I just sit alone and hide and don’t speak and keep my pain to myself.


Sometimes I get lost a long the way like a blind man in the dark. I wish I could shout to the world how I feel but I keep things bottled to keep my sanity or if it’s not sanity what ever is left.

Although my life seems lost I often wonder what I can do to make it better. Lonely I am and have been that for a long time. The bitterness that has been left only makes me that much at a loss. I often wonder what is going on with how I see things but as far as I can see I am misunderstood

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