how peculiar

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



How Peculiar.  

It all started one day at a school in Chicago there was a girl named Lexi. She was a normal kid. Lexi had long dirty blonde hair that went down to the bottom of her back. She did everything just like everyone else. She would walk in the halls with her friends. She always was a good kicker in kickball during gym class, as most people were. But she knew that she was just a little distant from everyone else. But she couldn’t explain it, but she just knew that she had to find out. Was it because of her horrifying past, or her undetermined future.

One day there was a new student. Although Lexi didn’t know his name she knew with just one look that they were going to be best friends. So later in the day at lunch time Lexi was sitting with all of her friends eating her pb&j sandwich, and it was her favorite. For some reason her friends were making fun of the new kid. They don’t even know him, she thought to herself. So lexi stood up. Then walked away with her food and sat right next to the new student, but she didn’t even know his name.

All of lunch they talked. Talked about sports, family, pets, swimming, vacations, hawaii, and other things too. And they very well found so many things in common. So from that day on they sat together at lunch everyday. Oh, and if you were wondering his name is Jason. And Jason and Lexi were the best of friends.

Jason and Lexi started hanging out after school. They grew from friends, to best friends to something more then that. They went together like peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Jill, Tate and Violet. Everyday they met together after school, but they would never go to her house. Lexi would never speak of her family. Jason did indeed find it strange, but he never questioned it. He always respected her. No matter what. Their days were always too short together. Until one day Lexi wasn’t at school. So after school he went to her house. Of course being the person he was he brought her flowers.

The following weeks were quite strange. Lexi’s been acting weird and did want to leave the house. But a few weeks later everything was back to normal they even went to go see a movie. Lexi’s 16th Birthday was coming up so Jason was scrambling trying to find the perfect gift for Lexi, and he knew that it was the one when he saw it. It was a beautiful stunning blue dress, and it was decorated with beautiful sparkles. It was the most beautiful dress Lexi has ever seen.

“Oh Jason. It’s perfect!” She gleamed.

“I thought you’d like it,” Jason said

“yes I do very much!” Lexi was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. For the first time in forever


*A few weeks later*


Jason and Lexi were just sitting at Jason’s house watching movies on the T.V. When all the sudden something flashed on. Someone had escaped prison. He was sentenced life he murdered over 30 people some of them children and teenagers. Lexi grew extremely scared, because he lived in her neighborhood or at least did. She even knew him, and he’d been to her house many time her parents knew him very well. Also she had been to his. He killed her parents, that’s why Lexi never talked about them and she lived at her aunt’s house. That last thing he said before he went to jail is i’ll come for you later. The fear started to overwhelm her. Months after that the fear took over her, and she was diagnosed with anxiety on top of her depression. Everything that she once love seemed pointless now. Fear was the only thing that mattered. Everything but Jason. Jason was the only thing that made her happy anymore. It made him sad seeing all the fear-- the sadness-- the more fear. Her happiness faded away. Like a drop of water fading into the rest of the river. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can’t get it back.

“Hey, what about we go see a movie today?” Jason asked hope the answer was yes.

“Sure I-I guess.” Lexi told him, but there was a certain tone in her voice that made you see the pain she was in. It made Jason sad, but he can’t show his sadness. He has to be brave, and strong so that Lexi doesn’t grow more sad. So off they went. Off to the movies


They come home from the movies. It was almost spring break now so Jason is trying to find out something to do because he wants her to be happy. So why not take her to one of the funnest places ever -- six flags. So there they went. But he didn’t say where they were going, just that they were going somewhere.

“When are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Lexi asked him as they were getting into the car.

“You’ll see when we get there,” Jason tried to laughed as he spoke he did want to show he was sad.

They drove to the airport be they were going to St. Louis. And Lexi was soon to find out. Jason thought to himself, Oh how happy she will be. I can’t wait to see the look on her face. He knew that he would be happy.


They were on their way home when they heard the news. The killer had been caught and sent back to jail. They caught him, and everyday Lexi started to become herself again. Happy, joyful, just like the old day. After everything was alright again they graduated high school. And that means off the college. Years later after they got out of college. Then they got married. They moved to hawaii. Lexi was a teacher and Jason was a veterinarian. The were finally safe and happy.


All there you could hear was the glass shattering. Then Lexi screaming. Then Jason yelling. Then the only thing you could see was red. The red on the carpet. On the wall, it was everywhere. That’s what happens when you the wrong killer was thrown in jail. R.I.P Lexi and Jason. We’ll miss the both of you.

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