Best of Friends

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Two best friends find true friendship through good understanding.

Submitted: September 20, 2008

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Submitted: September 20, 2008



Apologizing to someone can really make you think. What will she think of me? Will she think I'm joking? Will she hate me? Why did I have to argue with her in the first place? If I am so sorry about it, why is it so hard to say the simple words; I'm sorry?
Sylvie's heart pounded through her chest as she made her way to the middle school double doors. Why had she fought with her best friend, Sarah yesterday? Why couldn't she just have let it go?
The argument had started the day before at lunch time. Sylvie and Sarah had been sitting at they're table, talking about what they would do after school on Friday.
"So, are you gonna come to my house like you said?" Sylvie had never been so excited about Sarah coming over. Friday, like she had known for three and a half months now, was Sarah's fourteenth birthday. After school that day would be her surprise party, and she had been planning it for weeks. Everything was set: the cake was made, the balloons were blown to they're largest expanse, the Elvis CDs in their players were set up around the house (Sarah was an Elvis disciple) - everything was set.
"Are ya?"
Sarah looked down at her cheese pizza. It suddenly seemed interesting. She stared down at it, daring herself to look up at Sylvie. Her friend lifted her eyebrows and grinned.
"Uhh..." Sarah glanced up at her. "Actually, uhh... Actually I can't."
Sylvie frowned.
"What? Why?"
"Well, to be honest with you, Valerie bought me and her tickets to a concert. I kind of forgot about Friday."
"How could you forget? You come over every Friday!" Now Sylvie was frustrated. She lifted her hands franticly as she spoke.
"Well? Are you mute? Why?" She had planned so much, gone so far for Sarah's party. And now this?
"That's exactly why! Because I come over every Friday! Can't I do something else for once? Do I need your permission? Do you own me? Back off!"
Sylvie glared at her for a few seconds, as if meaning to say something more, then grabbed her tray and books and headed to a different table.
Sarah shouted back to her, "You know it's my birthday on Friday? Huh? Did you think of that? Maybe Valerie actually cares!"
Sarah's words rang in her head the rest of the day, through her slumber. They had been friends for just over a year, and they're relationship had already descended. Sylvie knew she would have to apologize, even though she knew it would be hard.
Sylvie came through the double doors, trying to act casual. But, in most cases, when Sylvie 'acted' casual, she looked like she was showing off. She did her best to sway passed the other kids in the hallway. The two friends had almost all their classes together, but the first she had alone.
She did her best through eight grade math, though her thoughts were elsewhere. The conversation was being planned out in her mind, and every 'sorry' came out wrong. After ten minutes though, Sylvie's mind was set back on her school work.
Then the bell rang. That deceiving bell. She was just getting the lesson right, and the bell had to ring. It sent a shiver up her spine, and her heart once again began to race uncontrollably. She gathered her things quicker than usual, her mind working in a panic. She began panting as she scurried through the hall, all other kids invisible. Next class was science, and Sarah was her lab buddy.
She came to a stop at the door. No Sarah. Sylvie slowly went to her seat, and copied her agenda. Her head pounded intensely as Sarah entered, glared at her, and sat down.
"Sorry. About before." It didn't come out right, but it came out. She felt like bursting into tears right there in class.
"Oh. It's ok. I know you were disappointed. Sorry I yelled at you."
"It's ok." They were quiet then. They looked at each other with gentle eyes, understanding eyes.
"Anyway," Sarah sounded like her bouncy self again. "Valerie was wrong about the time. The concert is next Monday. So I can come over." Sylvie's heart began to race again, but this time from excitement.
"Really?" Sylvie turned pink, she had said it louder than an 'indoor voice'. She turned to her best friend, and Sarah looked back.
"Really." She whispered back. 
Sarah had been understanding, and Sylvie loved her for that. After all, that's what friends are for, right? Even when the best of pals fight, they know when they are true by spreading the love.

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