My Scotland Trip

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This story is about my week long trip to Scotland while I lived in Europe.

Submitted: September 20, 2008

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Submitted: September 20, 2008



I am a world traveler, and I would just love to tell you about all of my adventures. But, I am going now to tell you about my trip to Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

We ventured through the mountains and little towns and treasured every minute. Though my brother was playing gameboy, I was taking in every view. Since it rains there almost everyday, all the views were green. The mountains were breath takingly gorgeous. My eyes really were glued to the rental car's window. They were finally freed when we stopped our venturing to enter a museum. It was a fossil museum we found when we entered, and it looked like an old attic from all the artifacts crammed in. There were loads of interesting things to look at and learn out!

Inside, the main exhibit was the world's largest found pair of mammoth tusks. They were about as long as half a classroom! I remember lots from that museum, and bought a fish fossil key chain.

The reason we had been driving through the mountains was because we were heading to Lake Ness. Or, as the Scottish say, Loch Ness. Lake means Loch in Scotland. The lake was huge, and we were riding along side it for quite some time. I became bored with the view after ten minutes or so, and pulled out my book. It was then that my brother (who was off the gameboy to our surprise) shouted in surprise when he saw the figure of an enormous head emerge from the loch's fresh water! he turned to tell me what he had seen, when my dad said he saw a tail! We without doubt kept our eyes glued again to the window of the little rental car. I didn't see any parts of Nessie and all, and still wasn't sure the boys' heads were screwed on tight enough.

My assurance of they're mental abilities was assured however when we spent an hour at the official Nessie Museum - right off the loch! My opinion of the giant creature's existance changed as we wandered through the exhibits. We viewed videos, pictures, and read about different Nessis sightings. With the museum and by brother and dad's sightings, I was assured. This was our final main stop in Scotland. The Scottish folk were friendly and although moany of them were drunk, made our adventure in their home cherishable and memorable.

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