Tiger's Remorse Part Two

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The tiger's adventure begins.

Submitted: September 24, 2008

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Submitted: September 24, 2008



Tiger's Remorse Continued - Part 2
Were they planning? Were they planning another attack? The tiger watched silently from the safety of the jungle's green, fresh, lively trees. The strange creatures made noises. New noises. The sounds were not like the silences of the night, or the rumbling excitement of the day. No, these were different, almost annoying noises. The sounds that came from the mouths of these strangers were not curved and smooth like those of the tiger's home. Theses sounds were cracked, ugly, and ran as smooth as the snapping of twigs.
The tiger considered this; even the noise they produce is evil. He stayed, watching from his hiding place. He then thought about his home. Even the jungle wasn't safe. His cubs had learned that the hard way, and he was more watchful now. All he had left was his mate, Deepti. She had a title for she had been captured by man when she was young. That was how she and the tiger had met. Deepti was being taken care of by man's young, and was in danger of being killed due to an accident.
The tiger had heard the cry of another young of his kind, and attacked the man's young. The young had cried out in pain, shouting at Deepti, or glow, to help her. But she was already far away in the protection of her new home.
The tiger did not remember this now. He was too old to remember how they had come to know each other, but he did know that she was of great worth and pride to him.
Crack! Quicker than he knew himself capable of, he threw himself up and spun around. Nothing there, just a bush baby. He stared at the trembling animal, heart bounding. When he had calmed down, he turned around, and felt a sudden pounding in his right leg, as if it had a heartbeat. He saw man, closer than he ever had, and was knocked out.
To be continued...

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