Clara's Nook

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Have you ever believed in controlling time and time-traveling? The thought never occurred to me throughout my days of growing up. Neither did little girls and popular cliques. But now, I understand everything that I had never put my mind on and since I have learned, I’m stuck with it.

Submitted: October 04, 2010

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



Clara’s Nook

Have you ever believed in controlling time and time-traveling? The thought never occurred to me throughout my days of growing up. Neither did little girls and popular cliques. But now, I understand everything that I had never put my mind on and  since I have learned, I’m stuck with it.

“Can you believe what she was wearing today? It looked like a fuzz ball puked on her wardrobe!”
“I know right? And did you see her stilettos? They were definitely from last year’s Teen Vogue. She is so out of style!”
I’m in the middle of my first Bossy Posse Outfit 911 conversation at Starbuck’s Coffee. That’s where the girls in the Bossy Posse Clique meet up to gossip about everyone including there style in fashion. I, being the newest member of the ultimate clique at BridgeWay High, am so psyched to be hanging out with the beautiful and popular Bossy Posse Clique girls.
“Stephaney! What about you?”
I suddenly snap out of my day dreaming and start staring at the five impatient girls. I didn’t know what they were talking about so I just blurt out the phrase that almost works for every question that hurls towards me.
“Totally! But I know something way juicier than that!”
They look at me with wide grins on their perfect faces. I cringe a little, harnessing their glamorous power and began doubting my own beauty that only my parents complemented on. I swept a strand of dark brown hair, highlighted with faint red coloring in autumn, behind my frigid ear. I didn’t dare bring my Eugenia Kim Slouchy Knit Cap from Saks Fifth Avenue because it would’ve messed up my hair. Even though it was cute enough for the Bossy Posse I still didn’t want to look like a replica of Frankenstein’s wife.
“So, tell us, Stephaney,” Britt urged in a calm manner, her thin legs in True Religion jeans crossed and her hands connected together on the table, making a huge single fist that consisted of gorgeous French tips. She was fit to be the leader of Bossy Posse, maybe even the ruler of every High School in Seattle.
“Well…” I began in a relaxed and excited way. I didn’t say it nervously or else that would suspect that I had nothing to gossip about. “You know Michaela Roberts from Cheerleading, right?”
“Omigosh,  I hate her guts!” Brooklyn cried, her aqua marine eyes widening and  her skinny arms crossed in front of her chest. Her blonde hair shimmered in the light and was held back in a high ponytail.
“Me too! Michaela thinks she’s all that, trying to impress everyone with her cartwheels and back handsprings. It’s a shame no one had ever noticed her fat thighs!” Hailey exclaimed. Britt laughed, and so did everyone else.  Hailey leaned back in her chair, proud of her smart mouth. She had brown hair, braided into two long pigtails and wore a Burberry sweater.
“Okay, that’s enough insulting, for now. Let Stephaney go on with her story,” Britt said.
I gave her a deft nod like the ones I’d been practicing at home. To be one of them, you have to look cool, even when you’re doing something casual like nodding.
“So, after the football game yesterday, Michaela went after Paul Jenkins in full speed and were caught kissing in the bushes at night,” I informed.
“That’s lame,” Tiffany said. Her jet black hair was combed neatly and clipped to the side with a diamond beret and her Hartley Waffle Henley made her completion look even more stunning.
“Wait, you didn’t let me finish,” I retorted. “They were caught kissing in the bushes at night, half-naked.”
I waited for a couple of moments and found the girls speechless with mouths the size of the letter “o”.
“I will never look at Michaela the same way again!” Abby gasped, with her Juicy Couture bag in front of her at all times.
“Agreed!” Hailey said.
We all sipped our Iced Caffé Americano and flipped our hair.

After Starbucks Coffee we had traveled to the mall and shopped at Hollister, Abercrombie and Finch, American Eagle, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Eventually, we ended up in the parking lot saying good-bye to each other.
“Hey, I’ll see you guys tomorrow at school!” Tiffany shouted from her Hybrid with Brooklyn waving next to her.
“Bye!” Hailey yelled. She, Britt, and Abby were riding her mother’s Maybach 57 S home.
“Are you sure you don’t need a ride, girl?” Abby asked as they stepped into the silver car.
“I’m sure. Walking is so much better when you can burn calories,” I explained.
“I feel really bad for you, seriously. I mean, you are old enough to ride a car,” Britt said.
“Well, we’ll see you later!” Hailey said. “Bye!”
The metallic door slammed shut and they drove away.
I wanted a car so bad but walking was fine. I didn’t just want to burn calories, which I really need to do a lot, but I also wanted to visit a confidential place that I had discovered two years ago at the age of fourteen.  I had always adored it. A camouflaged spot hidden behind the emerald leaves of deciduous trees. A hideaway that contained a flowing stream, smooth boulders, blooming Ageratums, and a mysterious rope that hung from a tall Hackberry tree that stood, planted beside the stream. I always loved to swing to and fro and the rope and touched the cold water with my feet but since the fall came nature began to lose it’s magic and everything now became a frozen wonderland.
As I gazed upon the sky, a masterpiece of the colors pink, orange, red, and yellow, I noticed a flock of birds fleeing from a spot where a group of trees had shaken.  Whatever caused the shaking of the trees seems to be growing nearer and nearer to where I was standing. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether to be  scared, amused, or curious because the creature zipped through the path and towards me so fast it must have traveled faster than the speed of light.
“W-who a-are y-y-ou?” I stammered.
There was a little girl. A little girl with thick blonde curls that bounced above her shoulders every time she walked. She wore a clean dress, maybe from the 60’s, and stared at me with her blue mournful eyes.
She took a step forward while I took a step backward.
“This is my place,” a butter-sweet voice echoed from the little girl. Her mouth wasn’t moving. “My name is Clara.”
I shivered so violently I looked like a vibrating cell phone. My heart was pounding so hard I though my chest would burst because of the impact. My blood was racing so fast I think the warmth would make it boil. Who was this girl? What did she want?
In an instant, there was a bright white flash and suddenly the sight of the little girl didn’t look so sweet at all. Clara had bruises everywhere, she also had scratches with bloodstains. Her hair weren’t in curls but looked unkempt and messy while her dress was torn and her eyes were crimson.
I led out a high-pitch screech of fear and slammed my eyes shut. While I couldn’t see anything I felt a physical rush of energy passing through me and then out. I opened my eyes as a reflex in what I felt.
Clara was just inches away from me, in her sweet form.
“Will you play with me?” she asked, her mouth not moving again. She took my hand and led me to the stream. She began molding the mud into little doll figures, despite the piercing coldness of the structure. Clara briskly made two figures and gave one to me. We dipped them into the stream and apparently, for some odd reason, they didn’t collapse. Clara played with me for hours until the sun finally sank and the moon was hanging in the sky. We admired the stars and then I stood up.
“I have to go,” I said in a sad manner. “I’m sorry. Maybe next time, Clara.”
The little girl stared at me and she, grinned.
I turned away to leave the woods, questions flowing through my mind. Why was this girl here? Why didn’t I ever encounter her before? What happened?
But as I was just about to pass the two Hackberry trees that made an entrance and exit into my confidential place, I hit something. No, not something, a wall. I staggered back and continued again. I still hit it. It was invisible? I reached out to touch it, smooth and unseen.
Clara suddenly appeared behind me and I turned around to face her.
“Clara, what did you do,” were the words that came out of my mouth.
She grinned again and took my hand.
“This is my place. My name is Clara. This is Clara’s Nook. You’re my friend. And you’ll stay that way. Forever.”

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