emotions bared

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one of my slightly less jolly numbers,written at a time when i was near my lowest ebb.sadly there's even worse to be unleashed upon you good folk.

Submitted: August 01, 2013

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Submitted: August 01, 2013



all of my life i'll spend it with you 

but all of my dreams could never come true 

all of the things i've seen and i've done 

all of the bad times and all of the fun 

as i stare at these walls that surround me 

not at the brickwork its futher i see 

thinking of me thinking of you 

wondering if you think of me too 

a pen and some paper is that where lifes going? 

anything to anybody theres no way of knowing 

its in this ink i show my expression 

its in this ink you see my depression 

the cloud of darkness above me it looms 

live life to the fullest someone once said 

but my lifes only full when you're in my head 

i'm an athyist and i'm a passafist 

but when i'm pissed i'm a massachist 

i'm fleeing from life i'm just running scared 

but it's too late now my emotions are bared 

i'm thinking of you as i don my new attire 

it's funny really this satirical sattire.


no one to talk to my silence speaks volumes 





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