The Crash.

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A poem created when I thought of a car crash that recently happened & the effects the systematically follow, enjoy! :)

Submitted: September 19, 2011

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Submitted: September 19, 2011



- The Crash -

Hearts open, chest unlocked,

Your love a methodic ticking clock,

Cold winds, fast rains,

Our fingers intertwined through the pain,

Shattered glass, broken love,

Let it end with a single dove,

Memories lost, sudden hurt,

My frame naked without your shirt,

A quick sadness envelops and creeps,

Under out marital linen bed sheets,

Where our passion was ignited,

But now it is seriously blighting,

A dwindling ember of our lovers plight,

I wish to God I could kiss you goodnight,

Our bed the foundations of our lovers cove,

And I know I was the one that drove,

Our car into the blistering storm,

Of destruction, death and imperfection,

But I pray daily for the correction of my sins and my part,

In which they will stay, my precious sweetheart.

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